Check out the new Marvel Legends SDCC 2019 exclusive Grandmaster and Collector set

I’m resigned to never being able to get a comic accurate version of The Grandmaster and The Collector. Good thing I really enjoyed the MAGNIFICENT performances of Jeff Goldblum and Benicio del Toro in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hasbro is betting a lot of fans enjoyed them as well as the two characters, who we’ve never established are brothers in the MCU, are another set of San Diego Comic Con 2019 exclusives.

The Hollywood Reporter, the go-to source for action figure news and reviews online…. revealed the set. As usual, Hasbro packed in a ton of goodies with a great packaging setup to make for a fun set.

marvel legends sdcc 2019 the collector and grandmaster packaged

The Grandmaster is already slated for a two pack with Korg, but this figure sports a smiling head sculpt and a mass of goop for one of his disintegrated minions. The Collector comes with an alternate head sculpt and the Power Stone container. You can get the set for $50.


marvel legends sdcc 2019 the collector and grandmaster packaged rearI really wish that Cosmo were actually part of the set and not just a cool package insert. I also hope we get another comic based set to further commemorate Marvel’s 80th anniversary.

marvel legends sdcc 2019 the collector and grandmaster

THR reports Hasbro is making the set available for later conventions in North America, South America, Australia and Europe while select retailers in Asia will also have it. The EB Games booth will also have the set at Fan Expo Canada.

You can also order the set at Hasbro Pulse after SDCC 2019.

Photo Credit: Hasbro