Fear the Walking Dead – The Hurt That Will Happen review S5 E2

While I’m still having some major problems with characters making suicidal decisions, The Hurt That Will Happen was a strong follow-up to the season premiere and further established this initial arc’s threat.

Strand doesn’t need much effort to track down Salazar. Apparently Skidmark is his cat’s name. It’s weird how few pets we see in The Walking Dead universe, right? Salazar isn’t too enthused to see him even though Strand insists he’s a changed man.

Despite his detached facade, it was clear Salazar was upset learning Madison and Nick were dead. That original crew had an interesting bond and it’s wild that now only three of them are still alive. Of course for me that only made the show better so I won’t be that torn up.

fear the walking dead - the hurt that will happen review - salazar and strand

Since his “departure” from the gang, Salazar has made out alright for himself as he’s shacked up in a warehouse with a fleet of cars, trucks and even a boat in addition to the plane. But even after hearing Strand desperately communicating with Luciana, Salazar was unmoved.

There was too much bad blood there for him to ever trust Strand to do the right thing because even when he tries to help people he hurts them. Pretty deep Salazar. The messed up thing was Salazar kicked Strand out of his base at night making him an easier target for lumbering walkers. Not cool man.

And because we can never go more than three episodes without the group trying to find each other, the others split up trying to find Al. Storytelling wise, Al is no Lois Lane and gets into all kinds of frustratingly bad positions that make her far more of a liability than an asset.

Morgan, John and Alicia start the search back at the plane crash site. Alicia is on super reckless mode and explains the leadership roles for us viewers. She keeps everyone safe while Morgan handles the rest.

fear the walking dead - the hurt that will happen review - john and june

John goes back to the rest stop to do a separate search with June leaving a semi-doped up Luciana to talk about her interest in accordions. I wish the writers would give Luciana more of a purpose now as she seems so lost without Nick making her an ideal casualty when they need a shock death.


June and June find Camp Cackleberry, the same place mentioned on the van the three kids were using. They don’t find any kids, but a ton of walkers — some of whom were radioactive.

Yep, those signs weren’t just out there for fun as Morgan and Alicia discover. Despite no need to do so, Morgan stumbles into a trap for walkers. A woman in a hazmat suit wants answers, but Alicia tackles her and decides she’ll ask questions instead. The woman, Grace (Karen David), worked at the power plant, which was designed to hold off terrorists so the walkers weren’t a problem. That would be the workforce and their families, who got exposed and have now become toxic walkers.

Grace has a custom shower in her truck to handle those kinds of emergencies — handy. Unfortunately for Morgan, that means he’s gotta ditch his stick in the decontaminating process. Alicia seemingly fell asleep during this lesson and happily goes after 10-12 walkers even touching some to prep them for a kill shot. How idiotic does this make Alicia? Being reckless is one thing, but after learning there’s toxic walkers why not just use the gun here?

fear the walking dead - the hurt that will happen review - grace

Star power keeps Alicia from going nuclear, but Grace wasn’t so lucky. She was exposed back at the plant and is trying to round up the other 63 people at the planet who are now walkers before they infect anyone else.

It’s so weird in The Walking Dead universe when the characters meet a decent person who isn’t crazy and goes back to their agenda after helping our crew out for an episode. That is a very welcome and overdue departure from every stranger is crazy and evil.

Back at the rest stop, Luciana hears something outside and figuring she’s way too safe, decides to go outside and explore. Worse, she literally asks if someone’s there. This episode did have this classic horror movie feel to it, but that’s going too far. Her wound and medication made her loopy enough that she couldn’t aim and barely made it back inside.

Luciana awakens to find the others are back. Outside is another ominous message with all of the walker heads strung up on the billboard. Someone’s watching them and doesn’t want them here at all. I like this mystery and am far more invested in that than the search for Al.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: AMC