Fear the Walking Dead – Humbug’s Gulch review S5 E3

I keep saying this, but I would 100% watch Fear the Walking Dead and never complain if every episode focused on John and June. They’re the best and the series keeps finding its high mark episodes whenever they’re given the spotlight. Humbug Gulch was another J&J production and not shockingly, it was another favorite. It kinda had to be after that axe trick, right?

The gang has stumbled onto a new mystery and won’t let go. It’s kinda weird how they don’t care one bit about their base being seized by a guy they were trying to help. Nope, they’re good and will just deal with it later…I guess?

For now they’re preoccupied destroying these walker roadblocks getting way too close to kill the strung up walkers. Does the group also have an endless supply of batteries to power their walkies? They seem to constantly keep them on.

Alicia and Luciana are in one car where Luciana offers this amazing gem.

fear the walking dead - humbug's gulch review - alicia and luciana

“If we can crash a plane for someone, if we can almost die for someone. Whatever comes next how bad can it be?” I’m pretty sure that’s the drugs talking Luciana. Y’all are crazy and it’s time to stop looking for people that don’t want to be found.

Case in point, after hearing Annie, Dylan and Max over the radio, Alicia blindly zooms ahead despite having no clue where they’re hiding. And she runs right over nails set up to blow out cars. The weirder thing was Alicia didn’t want to wait on Morgan or even take 10 seconds to kick the spike trap off the road for Morgan.

Apparently Morgan is a better driver and catches up to them with little trouble. Alicia’s starting to feel bad until Jedi Master Morgan convinces her to just say what she planned to tell the kids the other day.

On the Morgan Scale of Speeches, it’s about a solid 5 as Alicia tells them she can relate because she lost her mother and brother too. Luciana losing an entire community thanks to said brother would have made a more convincing argument, but that’s just me.

With that out of the way. let’s go to the fun. John and June reach another barricade, but someone starts shooting at them, prompting them to crash the barricade and drive into Humbug’s Gulch. While it might not be the happiest place on Earth it makes John smile as this western facsimile attraction stop is similar to one he worked right down to the ammo locker.

fear the walking dead - humbug's gulch review - june and john

John goes to use his last bullet on it, but June is a master at lock picking. And their luck is changing as there’s plenty of guns and ammo inside. I didn’t quite get John’s rush to leave unless it was from embarrassment of June seeing how he used to make a living.

In very un-John-like fashion, he wants to try and beat the dust storm. I didn’t understand why he’d want to leave during a dust storm…or leave this place in general. June prods to get more information and asks was he one of the performers. He wasn’t an actor and instead was part of the trick shooting exhibition. That explains a lot.

June reluctantly goes along with this loading the car plan, but someone shoots the tires out. Those were lucky shots as they can’t get John at all. That’s a problem when you go against a Humbug’s Gulch trick shooter. John clips the shooter and follows him and this mysterious shooter is none other than Dwight. You didn’t have to leave The Walking Dead since it’s good again, but you’ll be a welcome presence here.


Dwight isn’t trying to say much, but June and John wear him down with kindness. He finally opens up that he’s been tracking Sherry for over a year and that’s the van she was driving. He’s been searching for it for months and got terrified seeing someone else in it. John and June convince Dwight to roll with them, but he heads to the van looking for Sherry’s next message.

fear the walking dead - humbug's gulch review - dwight

Frustrated and feeling he doesn’t deserve a happy ending and surrounded by walkers, Dwight is ready to give up until John and June start talking to him through the walkie. This time it’s June who fully gets through while John shoots a path for Dwight. Down to one bullet, a pinned down Dwight and two walkers, John has one chance and manages to split the bullet to kill the two walkers. I’d call ridiculous with pretty much every character except John Dorie.

John, in his John Dorie manner, nonchalantly mentions that’s only second time he pulled that trick off. Somewhat curious, John looks through the van and sees it’s not the one Sherry was driving.

Time to meet the rest of the gang! Morgan doesn’t want or need Dwight’s apology. Enough time has passed and he was hardly the worst of the Saviors anyway. Dwight takes them to the largest walker blockade just as Alicia gets a call from Dylan. They find him in the van battered and badly bruised, but Annie and Max are nowhere to be found.

That’s because they’re stringing up more walkers. They’re the ones who set up the barricades and they’ve put Dylan in to spy and figure out what Alicia and crew want. That’s a…weird plan. I’ll break that down in further detail next time. For now, we got a really fun episode with John & June, the introduction of Dwight to this show and the reveal of the culprits barricading the roads. All in all a very productive episode.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: AMC