Kick-Ass #15 review

With all of the new deals Mark Millar is creating with his Netflix partnership, more and more I’m thinking this current run of Kick-Ass would make for an excellent series.

It’s got a great character with the kind of secret identity life we haven’t seen before and no powers save her military tactical skills. And all kinds of family and work drama while crimelords and gangs are trying to kill her.

Issue #15 hit a number of the series’ trademarks with Maurice demanding his payoff, a confrontation with the Russians that turns fatal on both sides and a new assassin gunning to kill Patience.

I love how writer Steve Niles juggles all of these subplots in a way that they don’t feel contrived or too easy for Patience. Her background as a solider gives her a unique perspective on missions and sacrifices. Her gang isn’t comprised of her childhood friends, but criminals and a squad of women she saved who have pledged allegiance to her. It gives Patience a certain level of detachment while still considering the costs of being a vigilante.


Niles has largely stuck with low-level opposition for Kick-Ass and this new adversary looks to be equally skilled at combat. By the nature of the book, Kick-Ass can’t have a long-term rival, but maybe this sword swinging killer might stick around longer than most.

As always Marcelo Frusin’s artwork is on point. His layout style and action choreography is different than a lot of artists as he skips ahead in almost a shorthand fashion. Some artists will piece the action sequences together over the course of a few pages. Frusin takes a more judicious approach expecting the reader to be able to process the movements in between the panels. With a gun wielding protagonist that’s a smart and easy assessment.

kick ass #15 cover

Sunny Gho’s colorwork continues to be such an underrated aspect of the book. Gho doesn’t drench the action in blood and uses subtle bright and darker lightning that easily establishes the mood and tone.

Kick-Ass remains a steady, consistently great read each month. The creative team never strays from the target and each issue ends on a strong cliffhanger to keep me coming back for more.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics