Agents of SHIELD – Toldja review S6 E7

Agents of SHIELD keeps getting more and more interesting. This self-contained arc was the smart way to go instead of trying to make sense of the past (?) current (?) events of the MCU from then this season takes place. Toldja also puts Mack’s team on a path to a cautious partnership with Sarge’s crew, which definitely has me intrigued.

The main focus this week was Mack and SHIELD trying to get anything out of Sarge that could help them stop the Shrike. Sarge isn’t in a cooperative mode leading to a fun back and forth with Mack trying to find a weak spot including bring Sarge face to face with the Coulson hologram. Sarge wouldn’t budge though and kept his poker face up with no trouble.

Sarge’s crew got the message to stay silent too although it was weird we didn’t see Pax this episode.

agents of shield toldja review - mack, deke and elena

Deke tries to reconnect with Daisy, but his douchey self-made millionaire demeanor isn’t impressing her. I loved Daisy asking if Deke got rich by inventing a new body spray. That sounds about right. Deke got a little ticked off at Mack for not learning that Fitz died, but Mack calmly points out Deke bounced on SHIELD. Mack does steer Deke’s anger toward locating the Shrike. Nice delegating Mack.

While he’s on a roll, Mack gets another win as Daisy takes down Joco after he kicks in his special dracarys powers. Even more amazingly, Khan managed to survive. Let’s hear it for minority agents with names lasting longer than two episodes!

Elena and May track down two and put them in the containment pod to take back to base, but that proves a very bad idea. The Shrike hosts start reacting to each other and trigger the crystallization process. Sarge won’t spill the secret on how to stop them until Mack frees his crew and the truck. What’s so special about this truck?


The magic Shrike killing formula is extreme cold — you’d think the Icers would work… — so May takes the Quinjet to freezing altitude and kills off the Shrike before Yo-Yo and Diaz get shriked. Knowing how to stop them is one thing. How can SHIELD actually prevent the Shrike from destroying Earth? Sarge offers a cocky smirk and simply says “Toldja.”

In the secondary plot, FitzSimmons and Enoch teleported back to Kitson City and have to face Kitson (Anthony Michael Hall) for cheating the system and bailing. I loved how Fitz and Simmons had totally different memories of this casino station. Jemma had a Vegas style ladies night while Fitz barely escaped with his life. Now it’s time to pay the bill and Kitson has a perfect game — don’t lose your head! Joining Jemma and Fitz is the club lifer who bluffed Enoch earlier. Some guys just can’t leave when they’re ahead.

agents of shield toldja review - kitson

A mysterious redhead, Izel (Karolina Wydra), offers to pay to spare FitzSimmons though she’s got no loyalty to the lifer who gets decapitated thanks to Kitson’s shock cheat. Geesh, that was kinda dark humor. Oh well. Izel saved them as she needs help retrieving some valuable artifacts…on Earth. But Enoch’s not going with them as he’s staying behind to find a new home for his people. Those he didn’t kill last episode of course. It seemed like the writers were setting things up to explore Enoch’s glitchy behavior, but for now he’s sidelined.

I’m digging where this season is heading and like the emergence of the Shrike as a legit planet destroying threat. With FitzSimmons en route to Earth and SHIELD having a reluctant team-up things are about to get even more interesting.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: ABC