Space Bandits #1 review – Millar and Scalera craft out of this world fun adventure

Mark Millar is overflowing with some ingeniously creative ideas. His latest title, Space Bandits, is part of his collaboration with Netflix meaning with any luck we’ll eventually see this become either a movie or TV series. After one issue, this one definitely has the premise to make for a great series whether on the page or small screen. Millar’s string of incredible hits doesn’t end here and this could be one of his more promising new titles yet.

Set in some distant future, Space Bandits features two outlaws. One is the savvy strategist Cody Blue, which is a great name BTW. Cody has spent the last year running with four of the more dangerous outlaws in the galaxy racking up one big score after another until they decide splitting the take four ways is better than five.

The other is Thena Khloe, a notorious criminal renowned for escaping out of custody and leaving a trail of broken bodies in her wake. She likewise gets betrayed by her longtime partner and left to rot in a prison system. What happens when these two outlaws with nothing but payback on their mind connect?


I definitely got a Kill Bill vibe here, but Millar puts enough of his own spin to feel fresh. That’s pretty easy to do when passengers are flying on a ship styled after Lionel Richie, a popular hangout spot is called the Molly Ringwald District and the prison system is on the body of a dead giant crab. It’s so absurd you have no choice but to go with it and just enjoy the bizarre and crazy ride.

Millar quickly establishes Cody and Thena’s personalities and while they get screwed over here, he’s provided enough backstory to suggest payback is going to be a lot of fun.

space bandits #1

I’m not familiar with artist Matteo Scalera’s work, but it took all of one issue to be a fan. Scalera has one of those unique styles that sets his pages apart from his peers and it plays very nicely with this intergalactic story. His characters have a ton of personality and he gives each of the pages a jolt of energy that brings out a sense of electricity and excitement. Marcelo Maiolo provides dynamic color work that helps bring this new realm to life.

Space Bandits #1 blasts away as another winner for Millar and with Scalera’s lively artwork this might be one of the more exciting titles to follow in the last half of 2019.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Netflix