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Marvel Legends Ulysses Klaue figure review

Marvel Studios has made some significant adjustments to villains in the MCU most infamously The Mandarin. Klaw also got a major makeover into Ulysses Klaue, but his character was pretty fun in both Avengers: Age of Ultron and Black Panther.  We didn’t get a Klaue in the initial round of Black Panther Marvel Legends wave so now we get a proper MCU version in the BAF M’Baku wave. Let’s see if he was worth the wait.

Packaging:   Maybe in hindsight Hasbro should have gone with vibranium silver or purple for the accent color for the Black Panther subset wave. These are things I think about when I’ve written the ML packaging opening too often.

As a dedicated Black Panther wave, Klau gets the MCU logo and Black Panther logo at the top. The side features a painting/screenshot of Klaue in action. The MCU bios always seem better as they sum up the character with no issue.

Marvel Legends Ulysses Klaue figure review - package bio

Must be all that experience Hasbro has with the Star Wars figure bios?

Likeness:  As an MCU-based figure, we actually have an actor’s likeness to base this off not random artists’ interpretations. At this scale I’m not sure if Hasbro could have nailed Andy Serkis’ likeness any better. The figure has a nice maniacal grin and some scraps and scars. The hairsculpt is captured nicely as well.

Marvel Legends Ulysses Klaue figure review - wide shot

Hasbro tends to provided dedicated sculpting for MCU figures and this is no different. Klaue has an open collar shirt with a tie hanging loose into his vest and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I’m pretty sure the rolled up sleeves are new. Klaue also has his watch and spread left arm for his blaster prosthetic. The splayed fingers looks creepy and the blaster sculpting really captures the engineering put into the device.

Marvel Legends Ulysses Klaue figure review - aiming arm blaster

From the waist down, Klaue uses the standard suit body, which is appropriate. I was really impressed with the detailed texture of Klaue’s vest. It’s not just flat, but actually has a stylish design showing off Klaue’s style.

Marvel Legends Ulysses Klaue figure review - vest detail

Paint:  Once again the headsculpt is incredible. Hasbro doesn’t do a lot of scrape or blood damage with figures, but Klaue came out magnificent. Even the paintwork on the teeth is impressive. I’m not sure Hot Toys could have done a better job.

I’m also impressed with the tattoo application of the scorpion around Klaue’s right arm.

Marvel Legends Ulysses Klaue figure review - tattoo detail

The tie paint is a little sloppy with overspray onto the shirt and vest.

Scale:   Klaue wasn’t a tall guy, but was about eye level with Killmonger and Quicksilver. He stands just shy of Black Panther, which is right to my eye test.

Marvel Legends Ulysses Klaue figure review - scale with Black Panther and Shuri

Articulation:  You’re going to be able to do all kinds of fun posing with Klaue even without a few standard articulation points. The right foot on my figure was a little stiff so finding his proper balance spot was tricky, but it didn’t hinder movement at all.

Marvel Legends Ulysses Klaue figure review - wide stance

Due to the nature of the shirt mold and the blaster attachment, he only has single jointed elbows.

Marvel Legends Ulysses Klaue figure review - vs black panther

Klaue has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • biceps
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Marvel Legends Ulysses Klaue figure review - on the run

Accessories:  Klaue has a nice assortment of accessories. First the standard left arm for neutral poses. I dig that the left hand also has splayed fingers so you can do a quick change shot. I really like the detailing with the panels as Hasbro didn’t just try and pass off an existing arm for it.

Marvel Legends Ulysses Klaue figure review - fake arm detail

Also, he comes with a pistol he can hold in his right hand for double blasting action.

Marvel Legends Ulysses Klaue figure review - lifting pistol

Finally, Klaue comes with the torso of the BAF M’Baku. I always find these the most important piece to start with when opening a new BAF wave since everything else connects to it.

Worth it?  The Black Panther wave came out early enough that most of the figures are cheaper than $20 now. You can get Klaue now for $18.42 although that price could drop further the closer we get to the holidays.

Marvel Legends Ulysses Klaue figure review - blasting black panther

Rating:  9.5 out of 10

I’m not the biggest collector of MCU figures, but I really liked this Klaue figure and have to complete M’Baku. He’s versatile enough to make for a good in standard diorama sets as well.

Marvel Legends Ulysses Klaue figure review - cradling pistol

Where to get it?  I’ve seen this wave at Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and GameStop so you shouldn’t have too much trouble still getting him from retail. If that’s a problem, give Amazon or Entertainment Earth a shot.