Marvel Legends Blink figure review

Marvel is currently doing this updated alternate reality storyline for the X-Men, but it’s hard to top Age of Apocalypse for me. That was the high point for my X-fandom in terms of epic events that delivered. Recent ones like Messiah Complex and Second Coming were pretty good, but AOA still holds the title. That’s why I’m down and perfectly willing to collect any and all Marvel Legends figures from that arc. It’s been awhile since Hasbro has dabbled into that world, but we finally get a new addition (mostly) with Blink.

With the exception of maybe Morph, Blink was the breakout star of AOA and Marvel writers kept finding ways to revisit the character most successfully with the terrific Exiles title.

Packaging:   Same story as with most Marvel Legends packaging. Black and accent color, which in this case is classic X-Men yellow. I dig the drawing of Blink, but it would be nice to use more than one image on the three sides.

Marvel Legends Blink figure review - package bio

The bio is not all that great as it’s written generically, but I guess that’s to avoid trying to make sense of her in regular continuity.

Likeness:  Newer Marvel Legends collectors probably won’t even realize there was a time when female figures almost always looked terrible with the head sculpts. Now we’re in an era where they all look fantastic.

Marvel Legends Blink figure review - looking off

Blink has a focused expressed like she’s just about to set up a portal or arrived and ready for battle. I love the sweeping bangs and the overall natural flow of her hair sculpt. That’s been one of the biggest improvements with the female figures and has resulted in consistently beautiful head sculpts. And I like that the hair sculpt is pushed back so we could see Blink’s pointed ears.

Hasbro actually sculpted her studded collar so I’m only going to gripe but so much here. It fit more across her shoulders, not her neck so it’s shorter than it should appear.

Marvel Legends Blink figure review - close up left side

I’m pretty sure Hasbro went with the Elektra body for Blink, which made it easy to reuse the skirt. That makes sense and they added new sculpting for the boots. They’re not quite pixie boots, but I’ve always thought that was a fun element of her costume. Her belt is also new and hangs just like it did in the comics.

Paint:  Sometimes Hasbro can go a little darker or lighter with paint choices — X-Men yellow for example — but the colors look like Blink stepped right out of the comics.

The green is the right shade and her darker pink skin tone is dead on. There were some paint consistency issues throughout though including one really unfortunate one on the back of the skirt. Hopefully that comes off.

Scale:  Blink comes in about the same height as Psylocke and shorter than Mystique and Rogue.

Marvel Legends Blink figure review - scale with psylocke and jean grey

If you’re like me you’re probably more interested in how she scales with the Age of Apocalypse figures. She seems about right in terms of her height.

Marvel Legends Blink figure review - age of apocalypse sabretooth and weapon x

Articulation:  Broken record time again. I really wish Hasbro would just make the bicep articulation standard for all female figures, not just the random one or two a year. Blink throws projectiles and that articulation point would be so useful in posing her in action. Beyond that constant issue, Blink has great movement thanks to the really fluid Elektra mold.

Marvel Legends Blink figure review - side stance

Blink has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Marvel Legends Blink figure review - blades up

Accessories:  I do wish Hasbro included an alternate head sculpt with Blink’s hair tied back and the strands in front to really get that AOA look, but it’s fine. I’ll probably look to find a quiver for Blink to complete her AOA style as well.

Hasbro got creative with her accessories with two throwing daggers and a blink portal to simulate her powers. That’s really well done and a great character specific accessory.

Marvel Legends Blink figure review - walking out of portal b

Blink also comes with the left leg of the Build-a-Figure Caliban.

Marvel Legends Blink figure review - accessories

Worth it?  Blink runs about $20. For everything we get here I’d say that’s a great value, although she’s a character I could see being cheaper come Black Friday.

Rating:  9.5 out of 10

I’m still knocking Blink for the lack of bicep articulation and my preference for a few more elements to give her that AOA look, but this is a fantastic figure and another winner for Hasbro. Now how about some more AOA figures?

Marvel Legends Blink figure review - in action with sabretooth and weapon x

Where to get it?  I’ve seen this wave at Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and GameStop so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting her from retail. If that’s a problem, give Amazon or Entertainment Earth a shot.