DC Multiverse Kingdom Come Superman figure review – Collect and Connect Lobo wave

In one of the more interesting moves of his Justice Society run, Geoff Johns brought the Kingdom Come Superman to the team. What had the potential to be a terrible decision resulted in a fun string of stories with the displaced Superman fitting into a team full of hope and potential.

Let’s see if this latest DC Multiverse Kingdom Come Superman figure has me feeling as optimistic.

Packaging:  Mattel isn’t about to switch up the packaging now as they’re nearing the end of their time with the DC license. I like the blue color scheme as it stands out from other 6” lines. My package got dinged up thanks to some shoddy packaging, but it’s not a big deal.

DC Multiverse Kingdom Come Superman figure review - package bio

The bio could have done a little better in terms of explaining Superman’s difference from regular Supes and his team affiliation, but that’s common for all lines these days.

DC Multiverse Kingdom Come Superman figure review -hands on hips

Likeness:  For the most part, I think this is the Superman Rebirth figure with new belt and sleeve tooling. The torso seems slightly thicker though and the head makes a huge difference in the presentation.

The head sculpt is the prize here as the sculpt does a great job of approximating Alex Ross’ aged and weathered Superman in the Multiverse style.

I wish more elements like the tights and boots were sculpted as well to avoid putting so much on a perfect paint job.

Scale:  Superman was a little taller than the regular characters in Justice Society, which works when pairing him with DC Classics figures. The scale of the two lines actually works in this case as Superman is blockier and taller.

DC Multiverse Kingdom Come Superman figure review - modern jsa with steel, stargirl, power girl, magog, mr. terrific and wildcat


Paint:  The paint has to do a lot of work here and it’s not all ideal. Easily the biggest miss is the hair. Superman was older and had graying temples. This figure went with a basic black and the faintest spray of grey so I’ll need to add that myself. It’s a pretty glaring thing to forget.

There’s also some odd speckling around the face. It’s noticeable even at a reasonable distance so I wonder if this was an isolated thing or common with all of these figures.

DC Multiverse Kingdom Come Superman figure review - close up detail

The rest of the figure is fine although the line work on the boots isn’t as pronounced as it would be with the boots sculpted separately.

Articulation:  Mattel made some big strides with the Multiverse articulation scheme and that allows for a pretty powerful and poseable Superman. The neck peg should be less restrictive to make flying poses better, but all around this is the best articulated Kingdom Come Superman we’ll get for awhile.

DC Multiverse Kingdom Come Superman figure review - flying

Kingdom Come Superman has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • biceps
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

DC Multiverse Kingdom Come Superman figure review - vs magogAccessories:   Mattel didn’t have a lot of good options with Superman and instead went the same route as the Rebirth Superman by giving him a pair of flying hands. It’s the smart move especially for a character that wouldn’t have anything else that would make sense.

DC Multiverse Kingdom Come Superman figure review -accessories

That’s where the Collect and Connect really comes in handy. Kingdom Come Superman comes with the necklace and torso of CAC Lobo figure.

Worth it?  I got Kingdom Come Superman for under $17. I’m not worried about cheaper price drops hurting this line and with the Batman Beyond figure being a challenge to track down, I wasn’t exactly rushing to get this figure. Still, even if I paid $20, I would have been OK with it.

Rating:  9 out of 10

Missing the grey temples was weird and the figure would benefit from some more sculpting, but overall this was another great addition to the DC Multiverse line even if this will be the only proper Kingdom Come figure.

DC Multiverse Kingdom Come Superman figure review - punching magog

Where to get it?  Target has been the main place for me to find any DC Multiverse figures past the CAC Clayface wave, but even they haven’t been useful in this case. Amazon or Entertainment Earth seems like the only way to go with this wave.