DC Comics 7/10/19 – Event Leviathan #2, Superman #13, Batman #74

Young Justice #7

young justice #7

I kinda feel like we’re at the part in Young Justice where Brian Michael Bendis wanted to get to all along.Free of the extended and clunky formation of the team Bendis can just have some fun throwing the team all over the Multiverse.

This issue was a lot of fun and a good tease on the series’ potential of the team exploring the Multiverse trying to find their way home. The lineup makes a lot of sense here since no one is waiting for any of the characters back on their proper Earth and Bendis doesn’t have to deal with the continuity issues of them remembering their pre-Flashpoint lives. It’s kind of the best of both worlds situation for Young Justice fans as the team bond is intact and they’re not restrained by New 52 continuity. And Bendis can have them play Multiverse explorers, which given the worlds they explore this issue, should lead to some very entertaining scenarios.

The art, credited to John Timms, Dan Hipp and David LaFuente, captures the loose anything goes tone of the story. Given one of the worlds it would have been amazing for a particular artist cameo, but the art team handled it well enough.

I’ve enjoyed the team dynamic enough to stick through some of the weaker issues, but with this new setup, I’m excited about where Bendis will take the book going forward. It could quickly become my favorite book he’s working on.

Rating: 9 out of 10