Marvel Legends Spider-Woman figure review Build-A-Figure Molten Man wave

A few years ago I wrote a list of the Marvel Legends most in need of a redo. Hasbro clearly read it and has been on a mission to knock out that list by the end of 2019 in order to do right by me. Or they just realized they could improve a few figures. Either way, but I kinda like my version better. One of the biggest offenders that was begging for an update was the Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman.

Hasbro didn’t try that one and the Toy Biz version has aged horribly. With a new Spider-Man movie in theaters, Hasbro took advantage of the opening to give us a JC Spider-Woman done right this time. And this figure truly delivers.

Packaging:   As with the newer Marvel Legends, the side accent color has been ditched in favor of a full color portrait. We still get the Spider-Man red accents, but it’s limited now to borders basically.

Spider-Woman is one of those crammed package figures where there’s so little wasted space it feels like we’re getting more for our money.

Marvel Legends Spider-Woman figure review - package bio

I can’t go with my normal complaint about the bio this time as it sums up Julia’s history nicely including her membership with the Avengers.

Marvel Legends Spider-Woman figure review - with toy biz spider-woman

Likeness:  The Toy Biz Spider-Woman was a gangly marionette, but this figure shows the huge improvements since Hasbro knocked out the format.

Marvel Legends Spider-Woman figure review - facing toy biz spider-woman

Spider-Woman sports a great headsculpt with nicely flowing hair and a determined expression. This fits the character, who was frequently conflicted in her earlier days as a hero.

Marvel Legends Spider-Woman figure review - ready for battle

I tend to get annoyed about the lack of sculpting for costume details, but in this case the smooth look works fine. And I like the use of the gesturing hands even if one fist would have been welcome when Julia has to crack some heads the old fashioned way.

Marvel Legends Spider-Woman figure review - hair close up

Paint:  Hasbro went with a comic book style portrayal of her red hair with more orange and a brown wash. The effect looks good and helps avoid that toy look that one color hair gives. White is always tricky to get perfect coverage throughout as the black bleeds through in some points. Thankfully there weren’t any issues with the logo.

I like that Hasbro didn’t go with the pearlescent white here as it wouldn’t match the established color tone with the Symbiote Spider-Man. They don’t have to match, but I appreciate the consistency.

Marvel Legends Spider-Woman figure review - with jessica drew spider-woman

Scale:  Spider-Woman seems to use the Phoenix buck, which puts her at average height and thanks to a lack of heels she’s not towering over anyone.


Marvel Legends Spider-Woman figure review - battle stance

Articulation:  Will…not…talk…about…missing…bicep…joint. OK, with that exercise in self restraint exhausted, let’s talk about the good here. Spider-Woman can hit a number of poses for some clever web crawling action.

Unlike Spider-Man, she wasn’t web slinging and cast her web more as a net or barrier.  Since she’s more of a gesturing hero you can get away without having her punching out everyone.

Marvel Legends Spider-Woman figure review - teaming with spider-man vs absorbing man

Spider-Woman has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Accessories:  Julia is light on accessories herself as she gets one, but it’s a good one. You can swap out her right hand and replace with a psi-generated web spray. It’s a good approximation of her power and the new accessory is appreciated.

Marvel Legends Spider-Woman figure review - leaping into air

I do kinda wish Hasbro had given her two for both hands. The web spray is sculpted onto the hand so you can’t remove it.

Marvel Legends Spider-Woman figure review - web hand close up

Her biggest accessory though is the massive torso pieces of the Build-A-Figure Molten Man. This is going to be a BAF that I don’t really need, but am going to inevitable end up assembling anyway.

Marvel Legends Spider-Woman figure review - accessories

Worth it?  I got Spider-Woman for $20. It’s a badly needed update of an underrated character and a valuable addition to my Secret Wars and West Coast Avengers collection. I wouldn’t be shocked if she’s cheaper later on, but I couldn’t keep that old Spider-Woman in my display any longer.

Marvel Legends Spider-Woman figure review - with west coast avengers

Rating:  9.5 out of 10

Having the old one still really makes it easy to appreciate the enhancements to this version. As always, bicep articulation would have been nice as well as a second web spraying hand.

Marvel Legends Spider-Woman figure review - spider woman face off

Where to get it?  The Molten Man wave has hit Wal-Mart and Walgreens so far. If you want to avoid the roulette wheel that is retail, you can grab her from Amazon, Entertainment Earth or Hasbro Pulse.