Agents of SHIELD: Collision Course Part 1 review S6 E8

So far the only bad thing about this season of Agents of SHIELD is that it’s a shortened season of only 13 episodes. Maybe that’s helped the writers keep the season arc nice and tight, but it feels like this was going to be a killer season with 13 or 22 episodes. I waited until both installments of Collision Course were on the DVR since I didn’t want to wait on the second half. After the Part 1 cliffhanger, I made the right choice.

Collision Course is all about the pending showdown of the beast and Sarge with SHIELD caught in the middle. There was some build up, but fortunately the writers didn’t drag out the reveal of the beast as Izel started infecting the ship’s crew with her Shrike dragons.

agents of shield collision course part 1 review - fitz, gemma and izel

All while FitzSimmons are oblivious and focusing on getting home. And discussing awkward matters like Gemma’s wedding night with the now dead future Fitz. It was a little frustrating that Gemma and Fitz were so clueless and trusting Izel at face value. After everything they’ve been through you’d think they’d be a lot more suspicious of people…especially aliens offering to help out of the goodness of their hearts.

Sarge is keeping his own secrets and while Mack tries to stay a step ahead, Sarge’s plan has been too long in the works to get stopped now. Mack tries to limit Sarge’s advantage by sending Daisy and Melinda with him and only letting Sarge take one of his crew. Naturally, he takes Snowflake. But when the truck has a malfunction Sarge wants Pax to join the team for tech support. Mack has other ideas and convinces Deke to go along.

agents of shield collision course part 1 review - snowflake and deke

I love how the writers have used Deke this season as the somewhat self-absorbed opportunist who will eventually do the right thing provided he has the right incentive. In this case it’s Mack only taking 10% of his company for using stolen SHIELD tech and staying quiet about his pervy Daisy Framework VR system.

Mack wisely has Daisy keep her abilities secret from Sarge and just saying she’s a hacker. And to make sure Sarge doesn’t try any funny stuff, Mack follows along in the Zephyr with the rest of the team. Benson gathered enough intel on Izel to worry Mack. As the tension with Sarge’s squad and SHIELD intensifies, May and Daisy walk in on Deke and Snowflake hooking up. Deke might be pining for Daisy, but he’s not sitting around waiting on her.


Sarge reveals Izel killed his family and he’s going to kill her with a special sword. May cracks that if this is the plan it’s no wonder Izel has constantly gotten away. Truth.  The infected Shrike victims form a tower that Sarge is intent on destroying before Izel lands and unleashes the rest of the Shrike. Up in the Zephyr, Pax and Jaco manage to escape only to get caught and quickly put back into custody by Yo-Yo. Killing the SHIELD guard assures Sarge’s crew is not completely on the up and up and Pax spills the plan. The truck contains a bomb capable of destroying everything in its path for 200 miles. Yeah, it’ll kill Izel, but everyone within range.

With his plan spoiled, Sarge arms the truck and escapes, leaving Snowflake behind. In a very cool scene, Sarge creates another portal and steps through Jaco’s jacket in the Zephyr.

agents of shield collision course part 1 review - deke, snowflake and sarge

Deke found the bomb, but it might be too late as the truck is locked in on the tower just as Izel’s ship begins to descend.

The stinger scene is interesting as Enoch contacts one of his remaining allies Isaiah (Jan Uddin) about getting the survivors of their race together just as Malachi and Baal-Gad figure out how to utilize the chronocron device used to grab FitzSimmons’ memories. There’s some very interesting developments occurring.

Collision Course Part 1 kept Agents of SHIELD rolling as it speeds to the home stretch of the season.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: ABC