Agents of SHIELD: Collision Course Part II review S6 E9

Collision Course Part 2 set Agents of SHIELD up for a strong final arc of this season with one threat seemingly vanquished and another seriously left licking their wounds. But failing to fully take them out is guaranteed to cause major problems for the team over these final four episodes (booo) of the season.

Jemma and Fitz are still too happy to see other to notice the rest of the crew is acting weird until Izel rolls up and says she gave them a higher purpose. Fitz and Jemma will avoid that higher calling since they’re of greater use to her. FitzSimmons probably needs to check to make sure there’s no fine print on that contract.

agents of shield collision course part 2 review - izel

Deke is busy trying to hype himself up to disarm the atomic bomb in Sarge’s bullet train truck as it barrels toward Izel’s Tower of Shrike. And if it isn’t, that totally should be the name for it. Deke tried, but he couldn’t stop it in time, which is far more realistic than we normally see in these situations. Fortunately, Daisy is able to keep the bomb in stasis so it doesn’t detonate.

That was just the first part of their problems though as the tower’s explosion unleashed a swarm of the dragon carriers and now they’re all coming for Daisy, May, Deke and Snowflake. I like how even in these seriously stressful situations the writers work in well-timed humor like May and Daisy being disgusted watching Snowflake and Deke all over each other or May stopping a dragon from infecting Deke while saying that would have shut him up.

agents of shield collision course part 2 review - may, deke and snowflake

Daisy uses her powers to take the dragons out. This felt like almost too simple a solution after the build-up, but that’s the kind of advantage Quake provides in that kind of scenario so I’m OK with it.


Up in the sky…er Zephyr, Sarge makes his move and takes over the bridge with Jaco and Pax. But Yo-Yo wasn’t with Mack, Davis and Diaz giving us a little taste of an iconic X-Men comic moment as Yo-Yo has to take them out alone. Sarge is ready for her though and has a force field capable of keeping anyone…including a speedster out.

Yo-Yo takes out Pax and brings him to the bridge hoping to lure out Jaco and Sarge. Sarge doesn’t bite as he sticks to his motto of no one slows them down. Jaco is still more team-oriented and lowers the field — which gave Yo-Yo enough time to free Mack on the sly. Frustrated by the lack of discipline and the chance of not catching Izel, Sarge kills Pax and tells Jaco to take Yo-Yo down. Jaco has always been a thinker so when Yo-Yo confronts him and appeals to his more sensitive nature, he realizes he’s on the wrong side.

FitzSimmons finally gets through to the Zephyr and in a funny moment, both Simmons and Davis try to warn the other using SHIELD’s alert codes. In an interesting exchange, Izel says she’s going to help Sarge remember his name since apparently she stole his memories. We all saw Coulson die, right? Why am I starting to have some glimmer of hope that this might not be the case anymore?

agents of shield collision course part 2 review - yo-yo and mack

With Sarge distracted, Mack attacks and eventually beats him down. I loved the full circle moment when Mack hit Sarge with “toldja” after getting control of the ship back. Davis, Jaco, Mack and Yo-Yo sneak into Izel’s ship to try and find FitzSimmons. Jaco and Davis go after Izel while Yo-Yo and Mack find their lost teammates. Mack giving Fitz a bear hug was a great moment and the kind of unconventional leader move that’s made Mack such a ideal successor to Coulson.

Somehow Izel managed to get away (maybe) and Jaco warps everyone to the truck where there’s a full SHIELD reunion. I loved how Deke rushed over to hug Fitz who had no idea who this weirdo is since he never met him. It’s not a happy reunion for everyone as Jaco takes the bomb and goes back to the ship to finish Izel with his dragon breath. I really liked Jaco and was bummed out he sacrificed himself…especially since it didn’t kill Izel.

SHIELD celebrates their big win with a party! It was odd not seeing Benson with the gang, but it was nice seeing Piper back after she missed all the recent fun. Davis is clearly acting like he’s been infected/possessed by Izel, but no one seems to notice. Deke wants to hang with Snowflake, but Daisy rightfully questions why this murderer isn’t in custody.

agents of shield collision course part 2 review - snowflake. elena, may, davis, jemma, mack and daisy

Mack tells Elena he screwed up and wants an opportunity for a second chance. She doesn’t let him leave and they start making out. Ordinarily I’d complain about how quickly she rebounded from Keller’s death, but clearly Mack was her lobster and there was no reason to drag it out.

Just when it appears that everything is cool, May walks in to Sarge’s cell and shoots him! Based on the amount of bullets she used it certainly seems like Sarge is dead, but we’ve got a few more episodes left and a ton of questions regarding his connection to both Izel and Coulson. That was certainly an unexpected ending though.

Collision Course Part II was a nice fake out ending to the Izel/Sarge saga as SHIELD heads to what’s definitely positioned to be a memorable final stretch of episodes this season.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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