Hit Girl Season 2 #6 review

Hit-Girl’s trip to Hong Kong hasn’t quite gone as smoothly as planned. She intended to kill the gangster Boss Liu only to learn the man she killed was a figurehead for the real crimelord running the operation — his sister. Badly beaten down and barely escaping from Boss Liu’s men, Mindy awakens to find herself facing off with another gang. But this crew might prove to be far more useful than another group of soon to be additions to her hit list.

This issue is at its best when writer Daniel Way focuses on the interaction with Mindy and the gang. Those moments are fun as Mindy realizes she’s got some kindred spirits who are fully on board with her cause and could prove useful in dealing with Boss Liu’s army.

Boss Liu has gotten a lot of page time, but I’m not sure if she’s a character that would be better off in smaller doses. Way is definitely going to extremes to make Boss Liu the vilest, disgusting character Hit-Girl has faced so far in this run.


It’s a weird coincidence that both Way and his immediate predecessor on the book, Kevin Smith, both decided to have characters castrating dudes. At least Way isn’t trying to play it for laughs but to show the full sadistic nature of Boss Liu.

At least when Hit-Girl eventually kills her it will be a well-earned death.


For this issue though, that means dealing with a lot of random gross-out and sloppy Boss Liu moments. She’s unlike a lot of smooth criminals and is almost obnoxiously a slob that farts and burps without a care. It’s a little overkill as it gets to the point where it’s hard to see how someone so uncouth could command respect as Boss Liu acts more like the brutally effective No. 1 enforcer.

Goran Parlov’s artwork continues to impress and he brings a liveliness to the brief action sequences while selling the emotional weight of the dialogue heavy moments. Parlov is best suited for the insane action scenes that have become synonymous with Hit-Girl so hopefully Way gives him more of those scenes next issue.

This featured some outrageous moments, but not enough from the title character, which is kind of the point of the series. It’s a mild misfire for a book that normally brings a slew of carnage and fun.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics