SDCC 2019 preview: Hasbro debuts new Marvel Legends Jean Grey in X-Men #1 poster

Yeah, good luck trying to keep up with all of the new Marvel Legends product coming. Just in case you thought you were making some progress, Hasbro reminds us San Diego Comic Con is coming and your wallet will submit.

As part of an exclusive with noted figure review site The Fwoosh, IGN, Hasbro debuted the new Jean Grey figure in the X-Men #1 recreated in figure form.

x-men #1 marvel legends form

I love how Hasbro even went through the effort of getting Lee’s perspectives of the characters just right.

x-men #1 jim lee covers


The Jean figure looks great and hopefully this one will be able to stand consistently without toppling the rest of the X-Men. Maybe Jean will come with a better head for that Iceman figure…

first look at jean grey marvel legends figure

If you’re making the trek to SDCC, Hasbro is providing a little thank you by way of four free posters that combine to make the iconic image. There won’t be a collected poster so you’ll have to get all four in order to scalp…er put up in your collection. It won’t be all that easy though as you’ll need to come at 10:30 a.m. Friday and 4:30 p.m. on Saturday to get all four pieces.

Photo Credit: Hasbro and Marvel