Check out this teaser for crowdfund project The Mighty Grand Piton

As a teenager I was all into anime, but I got burnt out by all of the random casual racism and the otherwise complete lack of diversity. The Mighty Grand Piton might be the project that rekindles my interest.

Wesley Louis, co-founder of The Line animation, is gathering momentum for his new Caribbean-based anime about a giant robot. Giant Robo is one of my all-time favorite anime and as a rabid Voltron, Transformers, Go-Bots and Tranzor Z fan, I’m pretty excited about this new project.

The Mighty Grand Piton is a short film about a young British girl, Connie, who travels to the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia for her school holidays with her family. There, she accidentally awakens a giant robot buried under the Twin Piton mountains on the south of the Island. This robot seems compelled to protect Saint Lucia but his origins are mysterious. No one knows where he came from or how long he’s been there. During the many years he’s lain dormant, The Mighty Grand Piton, became nothing more than the stuff of legend.

The Mighty Grand Piton is the brainchild of Wesley Louis, whose parents were born in Saint Lucia before moving to the UK. Connie, whose character is based on an amalgamation of Wes’s nieces and nephews, is also an embodiment of his own experience of visiting the Caribbean. Specifically, the story references his memories of engaging with a culture and community that he grew up just hearing about. We also get a sense in this film what it was like seeing for the first time a landscape that could not be more different from where he was born in London.


In an interview with Fader, Louis discussed directing anime-style robots for a commercial in June 2017. Louis was so intrigued he did some sketches with the hashtag #CaribbeansLikeRobotsToo. Nearly a year and a half later, Louis has begun work on the production with The Line Animation with co-founders Tim McCourt, Max Taylor, Sam Taylor, James Duveen and Bjorn Aschim.

The video short is an idea of how the project could turn out, but now comes the tricky part – financing.

Want to support the project? Grab a few Mighty Grand Piton items, including a Making of commentary, at The Line.

Photo Credit: Wesley Louis Instagram