SDCC 2019: Hot Toys reveals CW Flash, Batman Forever Robin, new Star Wars, Avengers figures

Hot Toys came out guns blazing for San Diego Comic Con 2019 with an amazing showcase featuring some expected and completely shocking reveals.

Like you’d expect there was a lot of Avengers: Endgame product. Making his debut was the final battle War Machine/Iron Patriot figure. I thought the Infinity War armor was better than the standard Endgame armor but this one is on my list.

sdcc 2019 hot toys reveals - avengers endgame rocket and iron patriot

Also we get a better look at the Smart Hulk figure, which looks great.

sdcc 2019 hot toys reveals - smart hulk

In a welcome gesture for folks who originally missed it, Hot Toys is re-releasing the first Avengers Captain America figure with the Endgame head sculpt. That figure is super expensive so this was a nice move from Hot Toys.

sdcc 2019 hot toys reveals - avengers endgame captain america original avengers attire figure

Hot Toys also debuted the rest of the Quantum Realm figures although I’m not entirely sure of the breakdown since it looks like Ant-Man has a separate head, which could indicate some sort of pack-in. The War Machine one looks sweet and I’ve really gotta convince myself that I don’t need the Quantum Realm launch pad.

sdcc 2019 hot toys reveals - avengers endgame war machine quantum realm suit

I can also stop complaining about the lack of Mantis as she was revealed and looks terrific.

sdcc 2019 hot toys reveals - avengers endgame mantis

In a nice reversal from the standard practice of ignoring some of the villains from the MCU, we are getting a Yon-Rogg figure from Captain Marvel with an amazing Jude Law likeness.

sdcc 2019 hot toys reveals - yon-rogg

We can always count on a wide assortment of new Star Wars figures.

sdcc 2019 hot toys reveals - star wars display

Next to the Endor Leia there’s her Ewok pal Wicket. It’d be nice if this were a two-pack, but Hot Toys can make two sales here so I don’t really blame them.

sdcc 2019 hot toys reveals - star wars wicket

And great news for fans who missed out on the first figure as Hot Toys is releasing a new Bespin Luke from Empire Strikes Back. That was my first Hot Toys figure and I’m glad everyone gets a chance to own an essential part of any Star Wars collection.

sdcc 2019 hot toys reveals - empire strikes back luke skywalker

Also on display was the Padme Amidala figure from Attack of the Clones. The likeness to Natalie Portman is crazy although I kinda wonder if Hot Toys has some sort of swappable attire in mind for the gladiator pit brawl Battle of Geonosis.

sdcc 2019 hot toys reveals - padme

And this awesome Jedi Starfighter is just a display piece, but it looks pretty insane, doesn’t it?

sdcc 2019 hot toys reveals - anakin skywalker starfighter display piece


One of the big new licenses is the CW version of The Flash. I figured Hot Toys was just sticking with the film versions of the DC Universe now but this opens up a whole new realm of figures.

sdcc 2019 hot toys reveals - cw the flash

Green Arrow clearly has to be on the shortlist, but I’d love a Diggle, Prometheus, Reverse Flash, Merlyn, Iris West, Zoom in the first two years.

Another DC shocker was the Chris O’Donnel Robin from Batman Forever. I didn’t think that film was popular enough to warrant a figure beyond maybe Jim Carrey’s The Riddler.

sdcc 2019 hot toys reveals - batman forever robin

This was just Preview Night so we’ll probably see some more reveals over the course of the weekend. It’s already a great showing for Hot Toys though. What was your favorite?

Photo Credit: Hot Toys