SDCC 2019: Mattel reveals WWE Elite Chyna, Freddie Blassie, Debut Crow Sting, Danny Davis and more

It’s seemed like Mattel has forever been chasing its best SDCC ever in 2015 with the reveal of Hulk Hogan, Sting and Razor Ramon. From a depth perspective, I think this year they finally did it.  There was literally something for everyone here with tons of updated attires for modern collectors and some frequently requested characters — some we weren’t sure if Mattel would ever make into figure form.

The biggest reveal has to be Chyna. It seemed like there was no way Mattel was going to make a figure of her, but her induction in the WWE Hall of Fame was all it took apparently. Based on the sculpt this looks to be early era Chyna while she was still part of DX.

sdcc 2019 wwe -Panel-Sneak-Peak-Elite-Chyna-

In another figure I never expected to see it looks like Mattel is making a first version Crow Sting with short hair. This was my absolute favorite look of Sting’s Crow phase and it might become my favorite figure depending on how Mattel executes it.

sdcc 2019 wwe -Panel-Sneak-Peak-Elite-Sting-

80s WWF fans like me got some surprise reveals with a Freddie Blassie, Gorilla Monsoon, Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine and a Build a Ref that looks suspiciously like Danny Davis, which is awesome.

One of big requests was a Jim Neidhart from his solo run when The Hart Foundation reunited. We’ll never get an Owen Hart, but this completes all of the faction available to Mattel so this was one of my favorites.

sdcc 2019 wwe -Panel-Elite-Jim-the-Anvil-Neidhart-

Other Attitude Era figures include Viscera and The Brood version Christian. These two make for a promising start to a Ministry of Darkness collection.

We’re also getting a Hurricane Helms to torment our Rock figures with in our display. Also, Mattel is making a 2006 era Jeff Hardy with braids.

There were a lot of good reveals for modern fans including Elite Two-Packs, but the Rey Mysterio in Mysterio cosplay is sooo bought!

Basic Line
Battle Packs
Elite Line
Ultimate Edition

Triple H and Finn Balor are Wave 3 and Wave 4 is Shawn Michaels (Montreal Screwjob) and Brock Lesnar.

There’s also a new WrestleMania wave including Booker T with the short dreds, Woken Matt Hardy, Mick Foley (from WrestleMania 20?) and Kofi Kingston in his WWE title winning attire.

Ringside Collectibles gets another Undertaker exclusive — this time when he was dressed as Kane. That’s definitely a unique exclusive.

sdcc 2019 wwe -Panel-Ringside-Collectibles-Elite-Undertaker-

Beyond the Ghostbusters wave, which seemed to get some positive attention, Mattel also revealed another cross-promotion line and this time the WWE is teaming with Masters of the Universe in some cool looking figures. I definitely could see getting some of these figures.

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