Marvel Legends Silver Samurai figure review Vintage X-Men wave

When Wolverine needs a sparring partner to further explore his fascination with Eastern culture, he typically ends up battling the Silver Samurai. As one of the more unique X-villains, Samurai has always posed a different kind of challenge for Wolverine as he’s one of the few who can actually beat him in combat.

As part of the Marvel Comics 80th anniversary celebration, Hasbro is releasing more sets of vintage Toy Biz inspired Marvel Legends figures with the old school packaging. With the ML onslaught, I’m basically hopping from wave to wave at this point in hopes of being caught up by November…2020. Let’s see if Silver Samurai cuts it.

Packaging:   Well the packaging is amazing. I forgot Toy Biz used to mix up the colors not just with waves, but with characters in general. The purple was a great choice for Samurai as it helps make the figure stand out.

toy biz silver samurai

I like the use of the yellow green X-Men logo too as it matches up pretty close to the original packaging.

Marvel Legends Silver Samurai figure review -package bio

Likeness:  Silver Samurai required pretty much all original sculpting and this is why I’m fine when Hasbro reuses bodies for characters as appropriate because when necessary they’re fine going all out for a character that requires it. This figure is incredible and I can’t detect any reuse at all here.

Marvel Legends Silver Samurai figure review - wide shot

I love how this turned out as Hasbro didn’t skimp on any of the details like the shoulder pads that flare out past the shoulders, the poofy sleeves, the broad chestplate, layers on the helmet,  the skirt with the split right at both legs and the tubed circular patterns in the gauntlets and shin guards. If you can find something to complain about with this figure you might never be happy with anything Hasbro puts out.

Paint:  He’s the Silver Samurai not off white or light blue and Hasbro didn’t try and get fancy here giving him a various shades of silver color scheme. The gloves, feet, sleeves and legs have a darker, almost grey tone while the more armored parts are in a more metallic silver.

The skirt has the flattest and lightest silver shade and is the one part that looks somewhat out of place. I’m wondering if the paint used for the armor wouldn’t take on this soft material plastic?

I dig how the sculpting of the helmet allows for a bit of a sunken in look for the eyes giving it a true mask-like appearance. The rising sun style on the chest is pretty solid on mine though the red at the top right doesn’t go all the way to the end of the chest piece. I was very impressed with the smaller detail work like the white string keeping the chest piece in place without a trace of slop.

Marvel Legends Silver Samurai figure review - scale with wolverine and sunfire

Scale:  Samurai doesn’t need to be 8 feet tall especially since his main foe is Wolverine and he’s fittingly taller than the X-Men’s runt. Still, he’s taller than Daredevil and Sunfire while just a tad shorter than Sabretooth.

Marvel Legends Silver Samurai figure review - facing wolverine and sunfire

Articulation:  You can actually get some pretty dynamic poses out of him despite his bulk. While the temptation is there to use both swords, he is able to use both hands to hold one.

Marvel Legends Silver Samurai figure review - duel with wolverine

The slits in the skirt were smartly positioned to allow for greater range of movement. You won’t have any problem getting him into most traditional duel poses.

Marvel Legends Silver Samurai figure review - stomach slash to wolverine

Marvel Legends Silver Samurai figure review - ready for battle

Silver Samurai has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Marvel Legends Silver Samurai figure review -about to finish wolverine

Accessories:  Samurai comes with a katana and a wakizashi.

Marvel Legends Silver Samurai figure review - accessories in tray

Fear not, true believer — I had no clue about the distinction so I looked it up. The katana is the longer sword and the wakizashi is the shorter blade. Together they’re called the daishō, and indicate the wielder is a samurai. So now you know.

Marvel Legends Silver Samurai figure review - both swords out

Fortunately, Hasbro got the size right on the blades so we see one is longer than the other. I wish Hasbro also went with the powered up effect Samurai used when he charged his blades. You can place them in the side holster on his belt.

Marvel Legends Silver Samurai figure review - lifting one sword

The one drawback with the vintage line is the lack of a Build-A-Figure. My attachment to the vintage carding only goes but so far since I’m getting “cheated” out of a free figure.

Worth it?  Thanks to GameStop’s massive Buy 1 get one 50% off sale, I got Silver Samurai for $12. It’s hard to beat that price for what could possibly be the standout figure in the X-Men vintage wave.

Marvel Legends Silver Samurai figure review - crossing swords

Rating:  10 out of 10

This is a fantastic figure and definitely a Figure of the Year contender with Marvel Legends. I highly recommend him if for some reason you were on the fence.

Marvel Legends Silver Samurai figure review - grasping sword

Where to get it?  GameStop is the only retailer even trying to stay current up with the deluge of Marvel Legends. If you want to avoid the roulette wheel that is retail, you can grab Silver Samurai from Amazon, Entertainment Earth or Hasbro Pulse.