SDCC 2019: Brandon Routh returns as Superman for CW Crisis crossover

I’ve gotten burnt out on the CW shows, but I’m very excited about the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. And that was even before the news that the Arrowverse writers are actually going to take the potential of this crossover to its full extent by having Brandon Routh play Superman.

Routh was a terrific Superman in Bryan Singer’s underwhelming Superman Returns and got new life playing Ray Palmer aka The Atom on Legends of Tomorrow.

Deadline revealed Routh will be joining Tyler Hoechlin, who will resume his role as the Superman on the Earth inhabited by his cousin, Supergirl. It’s safe to assume Routh will be the Superman from another Earth in the Multiverse. Maybe his Superman will be the equivalent of the Earth-2 Superman who played such a crucial role in the comic book Crisis on Infinite Earths.


Crisis will be a five-episode crossover with the first three episodes starting in December and the final two in January after the holidays.

The Arrowverse hasn’t shied away from having stars play previous roles as the most recent Elseworlds crossover featured John Wesley Shipp back in his 90s Flash attire.

But let’s take it farther. Who else could join the Crisis crossover reprising an old comic book role?

I could see Billy Dee Williams showing up to play Harvey Dent/Two-Face in a nod to his role that never materialized in the Tim Burton Batman films. Chris O’Donnell’s Robin from Batman Forever too?

Since we’re getting some precedence here, we might also be able to expect Helen Slater to put on her Supergirl outfit for a cameo. And while we’re at it, Dean Cain would make for a fitting Ultraman from Earth 3.

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Alan Ritchson could return as Aquaman and if they could manage to pry him away from the set of This Is Us for even the briefest of cameos, Justin Hartley would be a awesome get for Crisis. Naturally Tom Welling’s Clark from Smallville would also be huge too. Who would you like to see?

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.