SDCC 2019: Check out the latest Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 trailer

I’m still trying to figure out the common sense of buying a Nintendo Switch for one game, but Marvel Ultimate Alliance is just such a game. And the latest trailer revealed today did little to convince me otherwise.

During the Marvel video games panel, we got a little more information on the upcoming DLC packs. They will include The Fantastic Four, the X-Men and Marvel Knights. We didn’t get a full breakdown all of the characters that will be part of these packs although I’m pretty sure I can imagine who will be in the FF one. The panel showed Punisher, Moon Knight, Blade and Morbius for the Marvel Knights DLC.


Cyclops and Colossus won’t be part of the X-Men DLC pack as they’ll be included in the Aug. 30 free update. Like I needed more incentive to buy a Switch just so I can play this game…

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Also Loki will be a playable character as well.

Heroes – MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3 The Black Order for Nintendo Switch

Additionally, alternate outfits for all playable characters in the game after launch will be available through early 2020. That’s great news as I still prefer the classic costumes for most of these guys even though some have some pretty cool modern outfits.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is available now so if you do grab it over the weekend let me know what you think.

Photo Credit: Nintendo