SDCC 2019: Marvel Legends official promo pictures – X-Factor, Dr. Doom, New Mutants

Given how stellar the first half of 2019 has been for Hasbro it’d be foolish to think San Diego Comic Con wasn’t anything more than a victory lap. There were some very cool and necessary additions to the Marvel Legends lineup, but the presentation ended with a few essential figures still left on my checklist.

I watched the live stream panel and it was nice getting some insight on the figures and the selection process of certain characters.

We got official looks at the X-Men three pack in throwback color packaging. I like the various head sculpt options for all the characters.

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There seemed to be a lot of disappointment when Hasbro revealed an updated She-Hulk figure in her current iteration as The Hulk. This figure does look like it has bicep articulation so that’s a big win although I’m not a fan of mindless She-Hulk.


The two new Legendary Riders — Cosmic Ghost Rider and Squirrel Girl — received a more favorable reaction.

In another surprise, the rumored Giant Man was a retooling of the Captain America: Civil War figure. I never finished building that figure, but this was a tad underwhelming.

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More Spider-Man video game design figures were shown as well as Shang-Chi who will be part of the next Spider-Man wave apparently.  Vulture is getting an update that looks great, but I wish we had an old school Electro first.

X-Force Deathlok adds another member to that team. Hopefully Warpath, Archangel and Psylocke in matching attire is on the list as well.

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A new Punisher is coming, but that one doesn’t really seem that exciting to me.  I do like the alternate skull face head sculpt.

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It was very cool seeing Hasbro is going to start working on the very ambitious project that is the Age of Apocalypse lineup. I’ve held on to my old Toy Biz Weapon X because it’s held up fairly well, but this update blows it away. Weapon-X was a key figure in the saga so he wasn’t a disappointing reveal, but Morph came close to stealing the show for me.

I always liked his presentation in AOA and he would have been on my top 7 list of AOA characters I wanted to see Hasbro make. Hopefully, Iceman, Magneto, Storm, Rogue and Banshee aren’t too far behind. That’s a huge undertaking so I wonder how many are actually viable.

Hasbro closed in on completing the mid 90s X-Factor team with a two-pack of Havok and Polaris and a BAF Strong Guy. I loved that book so I’m psyched to see that team nearly complete. If only we had a Wolfsbane…

The Marvel Legends Havok and Polaris two-pack is available for pre-order on Entertainment


We’re starting the New Mutants as part of a Walgreens exclusive with a Moonstar that comes with alternate Wolfsbane and Karma head sculpts. Hopefully that means a Cannonball and Sunspot are coming soon.

My favorite reveal of the night was definitely the new Dr. Doom figure. I’ve been waiting on a better update for years and with the Fantastic Four updated completed it just made sense to have him next on deck.


Maybe this reveal means we’ll start seeing more Inhumans in 2020?

It was a little surprising not to see any more Alpha Flight, X-Force or more members of the Giant-Sized X-Men team.

Photo Credit: Hasbro