SDCC 2019: More Marvel Legends previews – Jean Grey, Squirrel Girl

We’re slowly getting reveals of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends ahead of the big presentation today.

Marvellegendsuk gave us the first glimpse of the figures on his Instagram. The rumored three-pack of Cyclops, Jean Grey and Wolverine lived up to the hype with the amazing new Jean Grey figure. Jean comes with two great head sculpts including the cartoon series influenced ponytail sculpt.

Instead of the retread of the X-Men Legends Cyclops figure, we get him in his bomber jacket with alternate heads with different hair sculpts and glasses. That’ll be good enough to add on the Dark Phoenix Cyclops for a relaxed X-Men moment. I wish Hasbro included a cowl down version of Cyclops that we could use with the X-Factor version.


We’ve also seen two new Legendary Riders figures with Cosmic Ghost Rider and Squirrel Girl. I don’t think I’ll be getting either set, but they look great for fans of the characters and there’s plenty.

In advance of the largely expected Shang-Chi movie announcement tomorrow, we’re getting a Shang-Chi figure.