Lyles Movie Files podcast Ep. 94 – Ranking the Top 5 Action Figure Reveals of SDCC 2019

It’s San Diego Comic Con 2019 time and while we’re not there, I’ve been keeping a keen eye on all of the big figure reveals from the various companies.

With so many cool options I decided to rank the companies in terms of who made the biggest splash, the best reveals and made the biggest impression as we head into the 2020 cycle of figure collecting.

There’s new additions from Hasbro with the Marvel Legends line, the swan song of the DC Multiverse, a surprising reversal of DC Essentials’ fate, the onslaught of Storm Collectibles figures and more. I break them down based on which line had me the most interested in spending my hard earned money this fall and next year.


The top choice might surprise you.

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Photo Credit:, Hot Toys and Hasbro