Marvel Legends Thor figure review 80th anniversary

The Marvel Legends 80th anniversary Thor figure is the version of the figure I’ve been waiting on since the first wave of Toy Biz’s Marvel Legends series.

I never liked that brute version from the third Toy Biz wave. The Giant Man BAF version was great at the time, but wasn’t too keen on standing for extended periods of time and might have been a smidge undersized. Hasbro overcompensated with the Odinfather Thor who was super-sized in comical fashion. The Odinson SDCC figure was properly scaled, but in another short-lived modern attire. Hasbro decided we’d waited patiently enough and now released what might be one of the standout figures not just of 2019, but of their entire Marvel Legends run.

Packaging:  The packaging is very different from the usual Marvel Legends set up with more economical use of space since there’s no BAF piece to include. A Marvel 80 years logo is prominently featured and a classic Thor logo is on the front.

These figures were originally announced as an Alex Ross series, but the Ross influence seems like more of a marketing tie-in to the Ross/Kurt Busiek Marvel’s 25th anniversary. And it’s a solid excuse to put Ross artwork on the side and back. I’m glad Hasbro went with one portrait from Ross’ rendition of Avengers #1 and another featuring a pretty comprehensive glimpse at his history.

Marvel Legends 80th Thor figure review - package bio

The bio is decent, but at this point, Thor is so well known to the mainstream that an in-depth character breakdown isn’t necessary.

Likeness:  Ross tends to draw his characters with harder and harsher lines and angles to get that realistic look that’s become his calling card. The hope for a lot of collectors was that Thor would fit in more with our regular line of Hasbro Avengers. Hasbro went with the happy medium of doing a classic Thor, which was the basis of Ross’ Thor anyway.

Marvel Legends 80th Thor figure review - wide

Ross’ signature trait of his Thor is the helmet wings spread out very wide. Other noted Thor artists like John Buscema and George Perez tended to draw them flatter and straighter. Looking at the figure, it’s got all the hallmarks of a classic Thor. The cape rises up in an arc around the shoulders, the six circles on his tunic lower in size as they descend.  To super nitpick the T logo wings should spread out to mimic his helmet, but are done in one consistent level.

Marvel Legends 80th Thor figure review - scale with odinfather thor and toy biz thor

His hair flows down in a realistic manner onto his chest and back. The muscles aren’t overdone while still conveying he’s the Avengers’ powerhouse and the wraps around his shin are done in a random fashion as Thor kept them. His expression is neutral and perfect if we could only get that one portrait.

Marvel Legends 80th Thor figure review - facing odinfather thor and toy biz thor

Paint:  Fortunately, I was able to have a fresh case opened so I could pick the best paintjob. For the most part each of the six figures was good enough if I didn’t have the option of being picky. The most common issue I noticed were scuffs on the circles and some paint coverage with the belt. Mine isn’t perfect in regards to the latter, but everything else was fine.

I do recommend checking the eyebrows if you’re able as a couple had a few that weren’t lined up exactly with the sculpt.


Scale:  When this figure was revealed the one concern in the figure community was the scale as the prototype looked to have the same gigantic proportions of some of his predecessors.

Marvel Legends 80th Thor figure review - with lady sif and beta ray bill

Fortunately that wasn’t the case as the figure is scaled appropriately taller, but not to a ridiculous level. He actually scales nicely with the Hercules figure and Beta Ray Bill. The only one out of scale now is the Copiel Thor, who had mega power so we can sorta excuse it away? I’m very happy with the scale of this guy.

Marvel Legends 80th Thor figure review - with enchantress

Articulation:  Thor has the right amount of heft, but Hasbro made sure he was able to pull off all of the essential poses. The cape is made of a soft enough material that it doesn’t impair any poses though I couldn’t get Thor to stay on a figure stand. He’s got the full neck up and down and left and right movement, but the hair restricts it a lot. With a little care you can maneuver him how you’d like.

Marvel Legends 80th Thor figure review -kneeling before odin

That means being able to punch out Ulik, sling Mjolnir around and channel lightning to take out the Wrecking Crew.

Marvel Legends 80th Thor figure review - vs ulik

Marvel Legends 80th Thor figure review - grabbing mjolnir

Thor has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Marvel Legends 80th Thor figure review - battle ready time

Marvel Legends 80th Thor figure review - vs hercules

Marvel Legends 80th Thor figure review - vs absorbing man

Accessories:  Thor comes with a swappable left hand fist. It’s nice to have that option with the grasping left hand.

Marvel Legends 80th Thor figure review - figure in plastic tray

The big accessory though is Mjolnir, which looks great and actually has the full enchantment Odin placed on it and the script is big enough to be legible.

Marvel Legends 80th Thor figure review - mjolnir close up

Mjolnir looks to be the right scale, but the handle is stumpy. That’s about the only complaint I’ve got with the figure. I’m wondering how tricky it would be to swap the handle from the Odinfather Thor to this one?

Marvel Legends 80th Thor figure review - thors raising mjolnirs

Thor is a little shortchanged on the accessory front compared to Iron Man and Captain America, who both come with alternate head sculpts and effect pieces. A lightning mass would have been nice here.

Marvel Legends 80th Thor figure review - summoning lightning

Worth it?  We’re paying extra for these 80th anniversary figures. Thor isn’t as good a value as Iron Man and Cap, but to get my ideal version of Thor, I’m OK paying $5 more than the usual $20 Marvel Legends figure although the missing BAF piece does sting a little.

Marvel Legends 80th Thor figure review - with ant-man, iron man and hulk

Rating:  10 out of 10

Thor is going to be a tough figure to beat for me with the Marvel Legends line for Figure of the Year. Hasbro definitely did right by collectors with this one.

Marvel Legends 80th Thor figure review - on the rainbow bridge now

Where to get it?  I got Thor from Target, but you can also order him from Lyles Movie Files affiliates Amazon and Entertainment Earth as well as Hasbro Pulse.