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The Avengers take a knee in deleted Endgame clip

I love watching deleted scenes from movies as it gives me a chance to play editor and question if a particular scene should have been omitted or was rightfully left out.

USA Today debuted an exclusive clip of Avengers: Endgame ahead of its July 30 digital release and Aug. 13 Blu-Ray/DVD release.

Leaving this footage out was definitely the way to go as it was a little too on the nose tribute to Robert Downey Jr.’s importance to the Marvel Studios’ Infinity Phase of films.


The most sensible reaction is from Gamora, who looks on and “peaces out.” Gamora taking a knee wouldn’t make sense in any context as she didn’t meet Iron Man alongside Star-Lord, Drax and Mantis before she got killed.

The existing 2014 Gamora never met him (or the other Guardians for that matter) and would have no more connection to him than Black Panther’s border patrol warriors or Doctor Strange’s magic order that got killed in the battle.

And it seemed bizarrely out of character for Valkyre to kneel in honor of someone she basically “met” on the battlefield. At least Doctor Strange, another prickly and dismissive character, could have a reason for his reaction as he battled with Stark on more than one occasion.

Saving the big farewell for the lakeside funeral service worked better and was more of a dramatic moment as it allowed people who weren’t at the Avengers Compound — Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Thunderbolt Ross, etc. — to pay their respects.

Now if only we can find the Endgame deleted scene where we have the funeral for Black Widow…

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios