Marvel Legends Hercules figure review – BAF Armored Thanos wave

Hasbro has found a pretty savvy strategy in releasing the modern take on a character knowing full well us old school guys are going to be impressed enough to buy it. Then a few months later, reveal the classic version we wanted all along. Knowing full well the pattern, I still picked up this modern Hercules.

I’ve already got a lot of the members of his modern Avengers team so it’s no big deal, I tried to convince myself. In reality, I’ve always liked Hercules and this modern look isn’t a ridiculous makeover that I can’t immediately see Hercules. Plus, he doesn’t have a half tan like Hasbro’s previous take on the character. He’ll do nicely until we get a classic version.

Packaging:   For this subtle Avengers: Endgame wave, Hasbro retains the color scheme of the blue accent along the basic black. Hercules gets his own logo and looks to have the Greg Horn looking painting on the sides and back.

marvel legends hercules figure review - package bio

The bio is simple, but explains Herc just fine and the window shows off all the various accessories and figure without issue.

marvel legends hercules figure review - wide shot

Likeness:  Hercules has had some lousy costumes over the years, but this is easily my favorite look for him after his first two attires. It still references his heritage while having a modern sensibility that a character who’s been on Earth for so long would naturally incorporate into his costume.

Thankfully the headgear has remained a fixture of pretty much every outfit. Ditto for the gold bracelets, which has some very cool detailing in them.

The harness resembles the sash of his first costume while serving as an easier way to hold his gear. I love the gold lion plate, which refers to his nickname of The Lion of Olympus. The pants design seems a little busy and I’m curious why Hercules needs kneepads though.

marvel legends hercules figure review - belt and pants detail

Hercules absolutely seems like a top knot man bun kinda guy. I love the expression as it captures just enough cockiness of one of the more self-assured of the Avengers.

marvel legends hercules figure review - flexing


marvel legends hercules figure review - weapons ready

Paint:  They had me at correct chest hair. Hercules has a fair amount of paint applications from the two tone pants to the detailed linework of his harness and headgear.

Besides a few splatterings on the harness the paintjob was perfect and I didn’t have any issues with anything. That’s exactly all I hope for when I find a figure on the shelves especially one as popular as Hercules.

Scale:  Hercules is taller than the average Avenger, but not in a giant sized way. Hercules has a good size to him and looks appropriately bulky and brawny.

He’s scaled in the ideal fashion compared to his peers for me. He’s about eye to eye with the Unworthy Thor, but just a bit smaller than the 80th Anniversary Thor, which seems about right to me.

marvel legends hercules figure review - scale with thor and captain america

Articulation:  Hercules was a lot more fun to pose than I was expecting and it has a lot to do with those fluid shoulders, which have a tremendous range of movement. The harness is made of enough flexible plastic that it doesn’t hinder any of his movement and he’s stable enough to hold more dynamic poses.

marvel legends hercules figure review - readying mace

marvel legends hercules figure review - racing ahead

Hercules has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

marvel legends hercules figure review - with jane thor, captain falcon, spider-man and vision

Accessories:  Hercules is loaded with a number of useful accessories.

First he comes with alternate gripping hands to hold his weapons. I love this option instead of one open hand and not being able to hold both of them.

marvel legends hercules figure review - charging with sword and mace

He also comes with a massive broadsword. It features a very nice hilt and some nice battle damage to the blade itself, which goes a long way in making this look like it’s been through it’s share of battles.

marvel legends hercules figure review - sword detail

Also Hercules comes with an updated mace. It’s not Herc without a mace and this one looks nice and painful. The brown midsection and handle would benefit from some wash to avoid the toy look, but I appreciate the metallic top of the mace also has that battle worn appearance.

marvel legends hercules figure review - raising sword and mace

Finally, Herc comes with the head of the Build a Figure Armored Thanos complete with rage out expression.

marvel legends hercules figure review - accessories in tray

Worth it?  I think my $20 was well spent with Hercules. He’s a big figure in his own right with a lot of original parts, a nice array of accessories and arguably the most important part of the BAF Thanos.

Rating: 10 out of 10

I didn’t even want this version of Hercules, but I can’t deny this is an awesome figure.

marvel legends hercules figure review - fighting thor

Where to get it?  Good luck finding this wave at retail. Target seems to have forgotten this wave existed and I’ve seen this wave exactly twice at Wal-Mart. The easier route is probably going through Amazon or Hasbro Pulse.