Agents of SHIELD: Leap review S6 E10

Leap was another dual meaning title for a shocking episode of Agents of SHIELD. Initially it seemed like it was going to be a kinda silly riff like an invasion of the body jumper, but it turned serious real quick with some significant consequences.

Initially the big shock was Sarge wasn’t as dead as we were led to believe despite “May” going Tarantino-style on complete with the kill shot to the head. As FitzSimmons examined him, he was actually coming back to life and having vague visions from his past.

agents of shield leap review - mack

May gets taken into holding while Yo-Yo, Daisy and Piper break down the events and realize May wouldn’t need a gun to kill someone, especially someone she hated like Sarge. May having no idea what happened after the party furthers their suspicions.

Thankfully it doesn’t take SHIELD too long to realize Izel is leaping from body to body. At least Davis’ weird actions last episode weren’t a result of him dying as he’s just nursing a killer hangover.

Mack quickly realizes that Izel with the powers of Quake and Yo-Yo at her disposal would be bad news for everyone and after validating they’re not under her control, locks them in a secured room. Time for the interrogation with the others. The trick here is revealing and confirming a secret not everyone would know. This was fun as Davis was outed for stealing an alien pen. I love his random goofy nature as he’s one of the more relatable characters. Why not steal an alien pen?


That fun is short-lived literally as Izel forces Piper to shoot herself in the hand before moving on to Davis and making him leap off the second deck to prove her point. I thought going in to tonight that Davis was dead, but for him to get killed for Izel to make an example was so much worse than I imagined. It gave Izel that next level villain credibility Ward got when he killed one of the Koenings and Aida when she offed Holden.

Izel leaves through Mack and confronts Sarge, confirming FitzSimmons’ theory that he is basically remnants of Coulson from his trip through the monolith when Coulson sealed the gravitonium device. It’s still all connected and made for a decent payoff to the Sarge mystery.

Sarge isn’t biting and shoots Izel, who insists they’re on the same side. Kinda doesn’t seem the case when she tried to shoot him earlier as May. Izel decides he’s a lost cause for now and leaves only to be confronted by Mack, Elena and Daisy. This wasn’t the best idea since they still haven’t figured out a way to protect against her leaping. agents of shield leap review - coulson and sarge break down

Izel leaps Yo-Yo and to make sure she doesn’t get killed, Mack insists Izel takes him along as well. Daisy doesn’t get it, but May knows Mack trusts the team to get the job done. Time for FitzSimmons and Deke to whip up some reflective tech that prevents the body leap.

In the stinger sequence, Fitz mentions Ghost Rider, which clearly was not a coincidence. We already know Robbie Reyes is getting a spin-off show, but could he back to burn it up at the home stretch of the season?

Leap was a shocking episode that sets up a dramatic final three episodes this season while validating Izel as the main villain.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: ABC