Agents of SHIELD: From the Ashes review S6 E11

From the Ashes may as well have been the penultimate episode of Agents of SHIELD’s season since there’s a two-hour season finale. And because it was a pretty great episode that did an excellent job of setting up the stakes.

Izel kept screwing with Yo-Yo and Mack to get more info. She suckers Yo-Yo into mentioning Benson by faking like she wasn’t inhabiting Mack. They definitely needed to work out some sort of code for each other when dealing with someone who can take over their bodies.

With the gravitonium device in her possession, Izel has the power of three monoliths and Benson can point her to the summoning temple to fully charge it. Benson realizes something is shady when Yo-Yo mentions she’ll tell Keller (a exactly code like mentioning your dead ex!). That gives Benson enough a heads up that he deletes the location. But Benson’s unnamed redshirt takes Mack’s knife through the throat. Izel is a problem guys.

agents of shield from the ashes -sarge and daisy

Sadly, Izel has proven to be one cold villain and uses the device to make Benson have a conversation with his dead husband Thomas before she kills him. Even if Benson doesn’t fear death having to relive her killing Thomas over and over is a fate far worse than his own mortality. Cold. Mack and Yo-Yo manage to distract Izel long enough for Mack to send Benson away in the escape pod so he can alert SHIELD. Izel isn’t worried since her SHRIKE crew is going to need some bodies.

Back on the Quinjet, May is trying to trigger Sarge’s memory with a gentle, un-May-like interrogation. He blows her off saying he’s not the cure for her loneliness. While not on the Izel level, that was pretty cold. And Sarge’s power leaves a dent in the table. Daisy can’t understand why May is tripping on Sarge and goes for a less emotional approach.


That doesn’t much work either and Daisy lashes out at FitzSimmons who’ve managed to create a sword to possibly kill Izel. Stopping the body leaps? Still in the research phase. Jemma tries to get Daisy to talk about her lack of grieving over Coulson’s death calling out her habit of running off after a tragedy. That’s true actually.

Daisy decides to finally read the letter Coulson left her. I liked that we didn’t get the Coulson narration telling us what Coulson said. That was way more effective. Daisy returns to Sarge and quakes his neck in her latest attempt to get him to unleash his power. Pretty sure that wasn’t in the letter there, Quake.

agents of shield from the ashes - daisy and sarge

Sarge does eventually resurrect and taps into his power to knock Daisy out. It was all part of Daisy’s plan though and she grabs the sword to see if it can kill him. She’s fully committed to this plan right until Sarge calls her Skye and she realizes he was trying to find the sword to sacrifice himself to save the others. If memory serves me right, Coulson took his trip through the monolith when everyone still called her Skye. Pretty impressive continuity there. So maybe there’s something of Coulson in Sarge after all.

I loved that Deke was the one who came up with a possible solution for Izel’s body leaping by way of the sonic vibrations in the sword. He’s been the comic relief for most of the season, but Deke is resourceful and it was cool to see him get a moment.

agents of shield from the ashes - yo-yo and mack

Mack and Yo-Yo aren’t worried about Izel’s plan since she needs them both to finish it. Izel has one more ace up her sleeve though and brings back Flint (remember him from last season?). Man, every time SHIELD has an answer Izel just changes up the whole game.

In the stinger scene, we’re back with the hunters and Atarah. Malachi has a new plan to create Chronica 3 while Atarah has figured out a way to save Chronica 2. But since they’re already committed to their shady course of action, Malachi kills her and prepares to take out the next target. Hmmn, I’m curious to see how this plays into everything.

The stage is set for a huge season finale. Flint’s back, Mack and Yo-Yo are running out of ways to ruin Izel’s plan, but Deke has a melody in store to save the day.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: ABC