Space Bandits #2 review

Space Bandits is the rare new title where the creative team knows exactly how to play it and doesn’t need any time to find its way.

Basically it’s a space version of Kill Bill making for a gloriously inspired and unique comic unlike anything else currently on the stands. And that’s before the telepathic lizard and walking algorithm pit fighter.

Cody Blue aligns with fellow prisoner Thena for the great escape from the Crustacean prison planet. Cody has a plan she hatched with her pet lizard/spy, but Thena is understandably reluctant to go along with it. Instead she tries her hand at the big pit fight where the winner gets paroled. When that doesn’t go well, it’s time for Plan B.


Writer Mark Millar has been on a creative roll with titles like Prodigy and The Magic Order and this is already gunning to be one of my favorites. Millar has a knack for writing instantly compelling characters and with such a great motive for wanting revenge and payback, Cody and Thena are a very engaging pair.

space bandits #2 variant cover

Space Bandits wouldn’t be as much fun without the highly energetic art from Matteo Scalera. This is a book that needs some weirdness for its quirky and expressive personalities. Scalera’s style is perfectly suited for this story and collaborating with the incredible Marcelo Maiolo on colors makes for a visual treat.

I’m digging Space Bandits so far and if Millar makes this a Netflix series I would absolutely binge the heck out of this one.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics