4 likely options for ABC’s new female-led Marvel show

Unlike Netflix, Marvel is still continuing its partnership with ABC for original TV product. That’s a little surprising since it seems Disney+ would be the preferred location for any new Marvel content. But with Agents of SHIELD ending next season, there is a void to be filled and it will reportedly be filled by a female hero.

Deadline spoke with ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke on the potential new series.

“I have spoken to Marvel and we are in active talks about one project in particular,” Burke said. 

Burke also hinted the character would be “something brand new, mostly” and tie-in to the network’s strategy of female-focused superheroes.

That’s a wide window, but here are some potential candidates that would work within a smaller scale TV budget where powers would best be used in batches instead of constantly. Sorry She-Hulk fans.


Bobbi Chase would fit the bill of a “something brand new, mostly” character since we previously saw her on Agents of SHIELD, but not really in a superhero style presentation. Adrianne Palicki isn’t deeply committed to anything right now besides The Orville and makes a lot of sense. The only thing working against her is Marvel and ABC originally tried to do an Agents of SHIELD spin-off with a Mr. and Mrs. Smith spin that didn’t get greenlit. Still, Mockingbird with a costume and going against budget-friendly villains would be a cost effective option while spotlighting a cool hero…


agents of shield a life earned review -daisy

Speaking of Agents of SHIELD, it’s not entirely impossible that ABC wouldn’t just try another spin-off featuring the show’s leading lady. Quake has evolved big time as a character from her debut as Skye and there’s still plenty of mileage in focusing on her post-SHIELD or SHIELD vacation time. Maybe Chloe Bennet would be interested although this one seems somewhat unlikely as the AOS cast has been so tight it’d be hard to see Bennet go out on her own.


America Chavez

america chavez

America Chavez checks off a lot of boxes as a lesbian Latinx, which networks love in terms of being able to point to for their inclusion efforts and earning diversity points. Also factoring in on the something new clue, America is currently featured on the Marvel Rising animated series.

America’s power set of super strength, speed, durability and star blast are easily covered for a network show. While her flight and inter-reality transportation might be a little trickier to do too often. Of course, AOS has spent a lot of its last three seasons in space so traveling to various realities and worlds doesn’t have to be out of the question. Gina Rodriguez has indicated interest in starring as America Chavez so that might not hurt her chances either.

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl was also factored into an ABC series pitch for a New Warriors show. That sounded terrible, but Squirrel Girl has a small, yet devoted fanbase who would probably be thrilled to see her starring in a series.

Milana Vayntrub was slated to star in the role and with an actor already lined up, this could fit the bill. Like America, Squirrel Girl is featured on Marvel Rising as well.

Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman would also make for a good fit for a TV series, but it largely depends on if she’s tied up under the Spider-Man license with Sony and unavailable for a Marvel TV series.

Those are my choices. What do you think and who would you like to see starring in a Marvel series?

Photo Credit: Marvel Comics and ABC