DC Essentials Cheetah figure review

San Diego Comic Con 2019 didn’t exactly make DC Essentials fans feel all that confident. For now the line is not being cancelled, but nothing beyond the Batman/Catwoman and Hal Jordan/Sinestro wave is in the works. That didn’t stop me from tracking down the DC Essentials Cheetah figure.

I was very impressed with the Essentials Wonder Woman figure and at least needed her arch-enemy and by all accounts Cheetah was just as good. With the glaring absence of a Lex Luthor, DC Collectibles managed to get most of the big names where we could create a decent Legion of Doom in this format.

Let’s see how Cheetah turned out.

Packaging:  Simplicity is the name of the game for this line. There’s nothing too flashy and this is definitely not that interesting a presentation for MOC collectors. I do think the white and accent colors looks super classy, but that might be because of the overuse of black in most comparable lines. The side features a sorta action shot of Cheetah.

dc essentials cheetah figure review - package bio

I’ve never been the biggest fan of the Essentials bios as they open with a line-wide statement then go into a fun sentence before going back to generic text about the Essentials line.

dc essentials cheetah figure review - ear detail

Likeness:  Cheetah was a smart choice for the line as she doesn’t require an excessive amount of new sculpting off the blank body. Paul Harding’s sculpt came through the production phase and this might be the best Cheetah head sculpt I’ve seen. It’s a toss-up between this and the Justice figure based off of Alex Ross’ art.

dc essentials cheetah figure review - wide stance

The hair flows very natural and is done in a way to have volume without effecting left to right movement. Harding didn’t go with the traditional fierce expression for Cheetah and there’s something more menacing about a serene look for her. The pointed ears came out without looking too huge.

Cheetah has open hands the better for her to carve up her opponents with her clawed hands and feet. She’s also got a tooth adorned necklace and belt. This is smaller detailed work but it came out very nice. Finally she has her tail, which is posed largely straight in standard cheetah positioning.

dc essentials cheetah figure review - tail detail

Cheetah’s anatomy doesn’t look as awkward as Wonder Woman thanks to the blank body as opposed to armor and clothing.


dc essentials cheetah figure review - scale with aquaman and wonder woman

Scale:  Cheetah is scaled normal size so while she’s shorter than Wonder Woman and the regular sized guys, she won’t look like Teen-Cheetah either.

dc essentials cheetah figure review - facing wonder woman and aquaman

Paint:  The paintjob turned out really well here. There’s some smart intentional design on the spots as they’re not all the same size or arranged so neatly they look like a pattern. The face and chest section is lighter than the rest of the body and that fading came out terrific.

Unlike Wonder Woman, Cheetah’s face paint is purrfect (sorry) with sharp work on the eyes, eyebrows and lips. It’s amazing what a good paintjob does for these female figures.

dc essentials cheetah figure review - spots detail

Articulation:  Essentials’ big gimmick is its DC Collectibles most articulated figures yet. That allows for some fun posing and Cheetah is no different. DC tried to make the Essentials series its most articulated line yet.

dc essentials cheetah figure review - attacking wonder woman

dc essentials cheetah figure review - slashing at wonder woman

Cheetah has:

  • neck
  • shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

dc essentials cheetah figure review - slamming wonder woman's face down

Accessories:  Cheetah doesn’t come with any extras. At this price point that’s not a good look considering a Marvel Legends figure will have multiple accessories and a Build-A-Figure piece for less. And unlike some other figures a pretty obvious accessory could have been an alternate head sculpt with Cheetah wearing the Cheetah cowl to show her human side.

dc essentials cheetah figure review - in tray

Worth it?  Cheetah was $25. That’s not as good as a deal compared to the Wonder Woman who had a lot of original, dedicated sculpting. This line would really be at a better price point $5 cheaper considering the lack of accessories.

dc essentials cheetah figure review - pouncing

Rating: 8 out of 10

Cheetah is a fantastic figure and another great addition to the Essentials ranks even if she’s a little too light in the accessories department.

dc essentials cheetah figure review - wide

Where to get it?  I actually found Cheetah at GameStop, which has been on top of randomly carrying figures from various brands. Also try your local comic book store or roll with LMF affiliates Amazon.com or EntertainmentEarth.com.