DC Comics reviews 8/7/19 – Batman #76, Justice League #29

Deathstroke #46

deathstroke #46

Jericho takes Lex Luthor up on his offer, but ignores a valuable lesson Deathstroke taught him about accepting gifts from super villains.

With a new power set that he can utilize without an enhanced suit, Jericho starts trying to make amends in a way he might never have attempted before.

Feeling guilty about his role in Deathstroke’s assassination, Jericho forcibly attempts to keep Red Arrow safe while Rose goes after Shado.

Priest’s script this issue is somewhat hard to follow as he bounces through various time frames and hallucinations. While confusing at times, Priest makes it clear how screwed up Slade’s children still are even in his death.

Fernando Pasarin’s art is so good as he creates such a detailed and immersive spy world. The action sequences are so intricately staged that it’s like watching a high-level action movie. Cam Smith’s inks give Pasarin’s pencils that additional boost to convey all the details while Jeremy Cox’s colors ensure the important elements in the panels pop while still fleshing out the background.

The final page offers a crazy cliffhanger, which was to be somewhat expected as the book it’s nearing its finale with issue #50.

As usual, Priest and Pasarin really can’t go wrong with this title and have set the stage for a memorable final arc.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10