Anna Diop will brighten your day with this new Starfire look for Titans Season 2

Of all of the Titans cast, Anna Diop received the much grief over her Starfire look for the show’s first season.

But for all the hate, Diop was easily one of the best performers of the show. I didn’t love the curly wig, but I appreciated the costume design crew trying to capture the comic book look of Starfire’s early appearance during the iconic Wolfman/Perez run.

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For Titans Season 2, Starfire will have a new look and Diop gave her fans a fresh glimpse as a celebration for her reaching 200k Instagram followers.


The lighting made it a little difficult to see if it’s mostly purple, but I like the look as it’s more of a costume and less of a random disguise like last season. Also, for all of y’all hating on Diop? Seriously kick all the rocks cause…wow.

Titans Season 2 kicks off Sept. 6 only on DC Universe. And in case you missed it, here’s the Season 2 trailer:

Photo Credit: DC Universe