Sharkey The Bounty Hunter #5 review

Sharkey The Bounty Hunter reaches its penultimate issue this week as Sharkey tries to battle something far deadlier than any mark with a gun or a rival bounty hunter — his conscious. That’s not entirely all on him as his partner, Extra-Billy is desperately trying to appeal to his better nature, which might be harder than either imagines.

This issue finds the unlikely duo and Sharkey’s ex-wife, Juda Cade, trying to find a new ride and decide if they’re going to rescue Edra Deering from a public execution. Extra-Billy and Juda are on board, but will Sharkey be won over? He doesn’t have a ton of time to figure it out as Edra is in the area for her execution and Sharkey and company still need to find a ship.

Sharkey is going to be made into a Netflix film and this is the one Mark Millar property I think will probably work better in that format than a comic. Millar has set up a very elaborate world and Simone Bianchi’s lush artwork makes it easy to get lost in, but Sharkey doesn’t have the same amount of depth as some of Millar’s other new characters.

sharkey the bounty hunter #5

While Prodigy, Magic Order and latest addition Space Bandits each started off with mini-series, they had so much more storytelling potential and I’m eager for the next installments/continuation of the series.

With Sharkey, the potential is there and the characters are fun, but I’m still not sold on the long-term series nature of the premise. That might just be because Millar was on heavy introduction mode here and setting things up rather than throwing everything against the wall in the first arc. The characters are all at least interesting, yet the conflict around them has felt a little underwhelming.


Bianchi’s artwork remains a treat and is definitely enough of a selling point to check out the issue. The layouts and color choices from Matteo Vattani make for some dazzling visuals.

Millar adds in a surprising return tying in to an earlier subplot that works very well. The other highlight of the issue was the dialogue thanks to Millar easing off somewhat of the rougher exchanges and settling into a friendlier, less edgy banter between characters. Extra-Billy has become a fun supporting character with his casual breakdown of all of Sharkey’s issues.

Millar and Bianchi set the stage for an exciting conclusion of this first arc. Given his track record, I’m sure Millar has a doozy of a finale planned.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics