Hit-Girl Season Two #7 review

Hit-Girl’s Hong Kong adventures continues and the body count starts piling up even if the excitement is starting to wane.

This arc has been a little slower than some others as writer Daniel Way isn’t advancing the story enough each issue.

In this one Hit-Girl basically starts taking the long road to go after Boss Liu while trying to get the street gang to stay out of her business.

Way is getting somewhat redundant with the corrupt chief inspector getting bullied by Boss Liu’s goons. The inspector isn’t engaging or sympathetic enough of a character to warrant so much screen time that would be better spent on Hit-Girl taking down Liu’s organization.


Artist Goran Parlov keeps delivering some quality pages. Parlov is providing a very distinct feel to this arc that is making it worth checking out even when the story drags.

Of the various Hit-Girl stories the Hong Kong arc has felt the slightest as it comes off more like it’s a two or three issue story that’s being stretched out for the sake of delaying the payoff. Way sets up what could be an interesting twist to shake things up and this arc needs an extra spark to truly make it stand out.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics