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SYFY destroys Krypton with cancellation bomb, axes Lobo spin-off

Krypton just got blown up again only this time via cancellation.

Full on snarky sarcasm aside, SYFY decided people didn’t want to watch a Superman prequel about Superman’s grandparents after all.

The Hollywood Reporter shared that the series won’t get a third season due to a significant drop in ratings. Season 1 averaged 1.8 million viewers while Season 2 managed 408,000 live viewers. I’m interested in what those DVR numbers show for the series as Krypton seems more like a binge show than a week to week wait for the cliffhanger viewing experience.

I didn’t think the first season was terrible though it was running into a problem that seemed obvious from the start when characters like General Zod, Brainiac and Doomsday were already being called in.

Krypton seemed to be SYFY’s next big breakout series as it was renewed after a strong debut back in May 2018. But the viewers didn’t return for Season 2 for whatever reason and SYFY didn’t want to give it another season to find its audience. Unless ratings are really trash, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to give a show two seasons and pull the plug.


Not that shockingly, SYFY also decided not to bother with the planned Lobo spin-off. The character debuted in this season of Krypton. The irony is Lobo probably would have made for a more appealing show in the first place since the character isn’t that linked to any DC continuity or characters.

syfy krypton lobo

A Lobo series also would have been better suited for random DC guest stars like Adam Strange who was a poor fit in Krypton.

Warner Horizon plans to find a new home for Lobo although it already seems like an ideal one exists with the DC Comics streaming service DC Universe.

What do you think of the news? Surprised Krypton is done or think it was a bad idea in the first place?

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