Marvel Legends Storm figure review – X-Men Vintage Wave Jim Lee attire

Maybe you’ve heard me clamoring for a Marvel Legends Storm. We got a fantastic punk rock version one, but my real priority is the Giant Sized X-Men look, which hasn’t been made in figure form yet. Hasbro decided to keep me waiting longer with the release of a new Storm — albeit based on her X-Men #1 90s-era attire as part of the X-Men Vintage Wave.  Let’s see what the winds blow through with this figure.  

Packaging:  Like the other Vintage figures, this sports the Marvel 80 Years tag and has an art style reminiscent of the old Toy Biz carding although the Storm drawing isn’t very flattering. On the bright side the color scheme really does a nice job of showcasing Storm the figure.

marvel legends storm figure review - package bio

The bio is OK although there’s not enough mention of her as one of the longtime leaders of the X-Men.

Likeness:  Storm wore this outfit for a while, but it’s most popularly associated with Jim Lee so I’ll use his take as the style guide. Storm’s hair is sculpted in a nice flowing manner to convey that windswept look.

marvel legends storm figure review - wide pic

The expression does a good job of capturing Storm’s regal presence. I think the buck used is too slender though. I’d say Storm is closer to Warbird than Wasp.

Hasbro did make new sculpts for Storm’s baggy sleeves. The shoulder pads seem like they round off too quickly and don’t quite have that squared off appearance Lee gave them. The red X circles are scaled properly and the belt looks good.

marvel legends storm figure review - cape movement

There was no real easy way to capture the cape, but Hasbro did a pretty decent job by attaching a connector just under the glove. It’s better than the Black Bolt figure and maybe gives Hasbro an idea on how to handle Storm and Banshee’s cape pieces?


Paint:  Hoo boy. Time for the controversy. Storm’s costume color is one of those nerd arguing points like is Han’s Empire Strikes Back Hoth jacket actually blue or brown. There’s no way to win it. For everyone arguing it’s black with white highlighting and comic book panels to justify it there’s just as many that can point to the costume being white with black highlighting. And then there’s those who think it’s silver, but for the point of this convo let’s just ignore them.

Hasbro went with the white costume option. It’s not wrong, but it’s just a little boring. That’s due to the lack of shading whatsoever. Even the cartoon version, which was likely the inspiration for this color choice in the first place, sported black highlighting. The all white lacks a little pop. I would have loved if Hasbro did the same type of shading they did with the Dark Phoenix Cyclops figure.

marvel legends storm figure review - x paintjob

Another problem with going all white? Every smudge and stray mark is like a big neon sign saying “clean me!!” My figure had a few random marks that hopefully will come off with a little Goo Gone. I was impressed how clean the yellow lining came out against the white and was equally surprised at how terrible the red and black circles turned out. I’m going to love trying to touch them up (sarcasm).

For all my griping about shading, Hasbro actually did some for her hair with a grey wash. That was a smart move and helped distinguish her hair from the pure white costume.

marvel legends storm figure review - with 80s storm

Scale:  I’m very annoyed this Storm is shorter than the previous release. That figure was scaled appropriately taller than other X-Men reflecting Storm’s height. In unofficial scaling based on various reference art, Storm was drawn was tall as Captain America and taller than Invisible Woman and Warbird/Captain Marvel.  With her hair, John Byrne frequently drew Storm taller than Cyclops.

marvel legends storm figure review - with professor x and cyclops

Jim Lee didn’t draw Storm all that often, but he did draw her taller than Jean Grey and Iceman while shorter than Archangel, Bishop and Colossus. This isn’t the biggest problem with this figure since I can pose Storm hovering, but it will be an issue for the Giant Sized X-Men version.

marvel legends storm figure review - with archangel, jean grey, colossus, iceman and bishop

Articulation:  Sigh, still no sighting of bicep articulation. This really needs to be a priority for Hasbro for 2020 female figures. You can kinda fudge it with Storm as a gesturing power character, but that kind of compromise shouldn’t be the norm especially since a random female figure will actually have that piece that should be standard.

marvel legends storm figure review - landing

Beyond that, Storm can handle more poses than you might think even with the cape limitations. Remember, she wasn’t knife-fighting Callisto in this time period so attacking from a distance is fine.

marvel legends storm figure review - shooting lightning

The one odd thing is Storm can do a deep flying pose, but it exposes the hole in her upper torso. It’s a bad set up in that it’s always going to look bad and it’s surprising Hasbro didn’t try and hide that somehow.

marvel legends storm figure review - flying ahead

Storm has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

marvel legends storm figure review - gold team vs magneto

Accessories:  Storm comes with the lightning bolts of her previous figure.

marvel legends storm figure review - accessories in tray

This makes the most sense seeing as how Hasbro doesn’t break out a lot of new accessory pieces. Still, it would have been nice to get a mini tornado base or something different.

marvel legends storm figure review -lightning bolt accessory

Worth it?  Storm was $20. I think finding her at that price now is going to be real tricky. This would probably be a good time to get that Bishop for $20 though. As far as value, $20 is about right for Storm thanks to the cape mechanics even without a Build A Figure piece.

marvel legends storm figure review - with forge

Rating: 9 out of 10

Shading would really make this figure pop better, but it’s a solid recreation of the white costume. I would love the figure a lot more with a thicker torso and a bit more height however.

marvel legends storm figure review - gliding

Where to get it?  I got Storm from Hasbro Pulse, which is now sold out of Storm. I’d run, not walk to order her from LMF affiliate Entertainment Earth, which still has her at retail price or hope for the best with