Pre-order the Marvel Legends Alpha Flight box set

Now THIS is team building. For the last few years we’ve watched Hasbro diligently complete the 90s X-Men team while Hasbro reps said team completion was a priority. With more members for the second version X-Factor coming they were making good on that promise, but the reveal at the Canada Fan Expo took it to the next level as Hasbro revealed a Marvel Legends Alpha Flight six-pack.

Marvel Legends Series 6-Inch Alpha Flight 6-Pack in pck 2This set completes the original main team as we get the twins Aurora and Northstar, Shaman, Vindicator, Snowbird and a retooled Puck.

HASBRO/Ages 4 & up /Approx. Retail Price: $109.99/Available: Fall 2019)

MARVEL’S SHAMAN, MARVEL’S SNOWBIRD, MARVEL’S AURORA, MARVEL’S NORTHSTAR, MARVEL’S VINDICATOR, and MARVEL’S PUCK all join forces to form ALPHA FLIGHT, a scourge to evil everywhere! These quality MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES 6-INCH ALPHA FLIGHT figures feature premium design, detail, and multiple points of articulation, making them great additions to any action figure collection. Includes 6 figures.

I’m shocked Hasbro went all-out like this to complete a team. Of course now, I’m already starting my wish list of teams I’d love to see get this treatment as well like the New Warriors, Thunderbolts, Hellfire Club, X-Factor, West Coast Avengers.

Marvel Legends Series 6-Inch Alpha Flight 6-Pack oop.tifMORE:

And the best news is the set is coming via Amazon. For everyone who got the Family Matters pack you know Amazon won’t have any trouble getting them out quickly once they’re in stock.

The pre-order is now up so you can go ahead and grab the Alpha Flight box set now.