Fear the Walking Dead: Still Standing review S5 E7

Fear the Walking Dead has fallen into this weird place this season where too many of the main characters have taken on a new role as motivational speakers in between killing walkers. These hope peddlers haven’t been very convincing nor do they have much reason to be optimistic.

As Annie sufficiently broke down Alycia: She’s a mess and they want us to get into a plane they already crashed.

I love when the characters call out the idiocy of others especially oblivious ones like Alycia and Morgan, who are on this justice crusade to avenge their past crimes.

fear the walking dead season 5 still standing - alycia at the kids village

It’s literally taken a power plant fallout for Alycia to have some ground to stand on with Annie and the rest of the kids at Ewok village. Sure Dylan might be drawing some nightmarish artwork with chained up walkers, but at least he’s safe. No threat of a stadium burning, walker overrun hotel, stolen boat or crazy ladies on a death kick coming for him. Scratch that last one as I’m not entirely sold that description doesn’t apply to Alycia too.

Alycia decides to go chopping through the kids’ safety maze of walkers casually cutting through the restraints that have securely kept the walkers in place. Again this is another scenario where one of our heroes inadvertently does something that screws up someone else’s status quo in the sake of helping them. Alycia’s cut up act left the ties that bind the walkers in disarray allowing the walkers to storm the gates and forcing Annie to go along with Alycia’s escape plan. At that point Annie didn’t have any recourse than to go along with this nut that screwed them over in the first place. Stranger Danger definitely applies to the FTWD crew.


Morgan tries to outdo Alycia with not one, but two rescues. First up is Charlie and Strand who are remarkably well recovered from their balloon crashing incident last episode. And just as impressive is the balloon holding up as a restraint to hold the horde of walkers back. That’s a stretch on both levels.

Morgan wants Grace’s help since her truck can carry the propellers Strand and Charlie brought. Grace directs him to a neighborhood where Morgan coincidentally finds her house and her walker husband. Naturally this is further motivation for Morgan to declare no one will be left behind. Hoo-rah.

fear the walking dead season 5 still standing - morgan

He’s going to have to speed this little rescue mission up quick as Grace’s patchwork fix to the generator didn’t last long. We’re due for a meltdown because…why the heck not? Morgan rescues Charlie and Strand in full hazmat gear, which had to make Charlie and Strand feel very comfortable. But he’s going to go save Grace now. Morgan’s hero complex is dangerous.

Further complicating things, Al notices the fuel has been leaking from the plane. Perfect. You know guys maybe it’s just not meant for y’all to survive this one after all? Al takes June to the fuel depot spot she encountered and talks about meeting Isabelle and how it’s changed her life. And because the kids act more like adults than the adults, Al asked June to not tell anyone else including Luciana in their seventh grade English class.

When Dwight is fine ignoring the meltdown warning to find Sherry, John realizes that whole hiding her letter might not have been the best strategy. Time to come clean. Dwight is miffed at first, but eventually gets it. Sherry could have made finding him a lot easier after all so now Dwight is going to do something to help John. He’s going to help him get back to June. But…John already knows where June is, Dwight… Ah well, it’s the thought that counts, right?

fear the walking dead season 5 still standing - luciana and june

For reasons that escape me, Alycia didn’t ride with the kids back to the truck stop. She stays behind to lead the walkers away from the kids. Clearly Alycia missed the memo that walkers aren’t fast enough to follow people in cars or even busted camp minivans. This was dramatically frustrating for no reason. But while wailing away at walkers, Alycia might have gotten a not so healthy dose of irradiated walker blood. Of course with as long as Grace has been rolling after exposure that doesn’t necessarily have to mean much right away.

Luciana and June are thrilled to see the kids and with the propellers now everything’s coming up roses for them. Until the power plant alarm goes off. Uh-oh.

Standing Still was a perfect title for this episode as once again the writers have the character stuck making idiotic choices for the sake of drama, walky talkies that never run out of power or range and this ridiculous notion that a destroyed plane can get put back together with no trouble. These episodes have really made me miss the incredible writing and legit tension of the previous season of The Walking Dead. Is there some reason both shows can’t be great at the same time?

Rating: 4 out of 10

Photo Credit: AMC