DC Comics reviews 8/28/19 – Batman/Superman #1, Justice League #30

Action Comics #1014

action comics 1014

Just like he did in this week’s issue of Superman, Brian Michael Bendis uses Action Comics and Event Leviathan as a bridge to another passion project.

Unlike Superman, Bendis is more successful here as the Leviathan storyline has been more engaging than the House of El conflict. It doesn’t hurt that Bendis spends more time at the Daily Planet this issue with Marisol Leone introducing herself as the new owner of the paper.

Leone has been a shadowy figure partnering with Red Ghost so we know her intentions for Superman aren’t good, but does she actually want to make the paper greater? That could be a fun dynamic if Bendis chooses to explore it.

Artist Syzmon Kudranski’s pages still look a little too chaotic and gritty. That realistic take works better in the Daily Planet sequences, but during the actual action scenes the art tends to look rough.

My big concern now is how Bendis will incorporate the new arrival without detailing the Action Comics’ momentum tying in to Event Leviathan. This might be the issue that finds Bendis at a crossroads with his Action Comics run so the next few installments could prove crucial.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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