DC Comics reviews 8/28/19 – Batman/Superman #1, Justice League #30

Justice League #30

justice league 30

We’ve known for a while that Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV had some big plans in store for the Justice/Doom War namely the return of two beloved DC properties. This issue essentially lays out the stakes for the big war to come and establish the Justice League as dramatic underdogs.

I loved the little touches in this issue like Guy Gardner and Ted Kord standing side by side during the briefing and Shazam’s slight small after being inducted into the League. Snyder and Tynion are juggling a ton of characters while basically making Justice League #30 the first issue of a big fall DC event without the special kickoff and extended build up.

This pivotal cornerstone of the Year of the Villain gets going in a major way while still providing some incredible character beats like Jarro jockeying to steal the show again, Hawkgirl lamenting Martian Manhunter’s murder and the Legion of Doom’s own expanded ranks. This felt like an epic kickoff to a major event and the last few pages definitely left me hyped for what’s to come.


The big surprise this issue was the return of artist Jorge Jimenez. He’d previously taken what was announced as an extended break from the book following the Sixth Dimension arc. Jimenez quickly established himself as the artist for this run of Justice League so it was great seeing him tackling the kickoff of a story he’d help lay so much of the foundation.

DC easily could have made this a standalone huge mini-series event, but are wisely going the more restrained route in letting this play out in their strongest title. While it’s worth checking out what’s come before if you’ve missed it, this is the real start to what everyone’s going to be talking about from the main DC universe for the rest of 2019.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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