The Boys – Cherry review S1 E2

Hughie pushes the button while Starlight also is not taking any more crap. Cherry showed how explosive The Boys can be in its second episode.

Turns out Hughie and Billy didn’t kill Translucent (Alex Hassell, The Red Sea Diving Resort). His skin is too tough to actually kill him…on the outside at least. To take care of this little unkillable supe problem, Billy goes to one of his old pals Frenchie (Tomer Capon) for help. Frenchie is cool and has the kind of swagger the show will need as it plays on and the repulsive supers become less shocking.

Billy and Frenchie nearly exhaust all of their conceivable methods to kill Translucent while Hughie just wants more information on A-Train. Karl Urban is playing Billy as a charismatic fast-talking guy who’s not nearly as confident as he sounds and is just as prone to bad decisions as his allies. He’s not the ideal leader and is in a lot of regards, a screw-up. Hughie, meanwhile, is starting to question if he can remain a passive observer while the supes reign terror on innocents and no one standing up against them.

the boys - cherry review - hughie, billy and frenchie

Just how messed up is it to root for a nice guy to push the trigger that detonates explosives up a dude’s tail? Asking for a friend. But yeah, Hughie making the decision to kill Translucent is officially his point of no return. He’s committed now and the season should take an interesting turn with him becoming a “villain” now.

Homelander peering at Madelyn pumping was … weird. Wasn’t Translucent supposed to be the pervy one? I’m also wondering after the random lactating moment if The Boys is just going to try to cram in as many envelope pushing moments as they can just for the sake of it to the point that the really crazy scenes lack any impact? I feel like by the fourth episode these outrageous moments aren’t going to seem as insane as they should, which makes me wonder if The Boys has enough depth outside of initial shock factor.


It was good to see Starlight immediately clap back at The Deep and threaten to blow his eyeballs out if he touches her again. While she’s got a handle on her loathsome teammate, Starlight is still mastering the art of being a corporate hero as she gets a stern chewing out for having the gall to stop a date rape and exposing Vought to a lawsuit. Again, you’ve gotta figure this is exactly how this kind of thing would play out in the real world, which is probably why so many heroes in the comics act as vigilantes outside of government control.

Hopefully we get some more time with the other members of The 7. A-Train’s disastrous encounter with a Make-A-Wish cancer patient was hilarious right down to the dwindling number of views on the livestream. But once again Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) and Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) are underserved. If nothing else, I wish they’d interact with Starlight more.

the boys - cherry review - madelyn

Madelyn is definitely not a person who takes no for an answer. After a senator refuses her proposal to have supes in the battlefield, she blackmails him with her shapeshifting supe. Well, at least it’s not getting blasted out of the sky by Homelander. That dynamic was interesting as Homelander wasn’t too keen on Deep snitching, but they’re all clearly in the same bed of awful people together. It seems like the real question is who comes out on top.

Cherry greatly advanced Hughie’s story while showing Homelander is the most dangerous threat walking or flying on the planet. If The Boys have any chance of stopping him, they might need to see the (Star)light as soon as possible.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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