Check out the new WWE Elite 71 images of Adam Cole, John Cena, Nikki Bella and more

Mattel just revealed some new images of WWE Elite 71 and it’s another home run set with more incredible likenesses and welcome new accessories. With Elite 70 and now this wave, Mattel is really cranking out some good modern offerings for current day collectors.


Nikki Bella

wwe elite 71 nikki bella - close up

The Fearless One gets her first Elite in awhile. It’s too bad Nikki doesn’t get the updated female Elite articulation on the knees as those old clunky ones don’t provide nearly enough movement. Still, it’s a nice enough looking figure that I might consider it.

John Cena

wwe elite 71 - john cena - close up

Soccer Dad Cena gets an update and while I hate that haircut, it’s a nice modern Cena. Naturally I like the T-shirt and U Can’t See Me hands.

Adam Cole

wwe elite 71 adam cole - close up

I think the lighter hair is throwing the likeness off somewhat and the leg sleeves look bad here, but with some adjustments this would make for a great figure especially with the debut of the NXT North American championship belt.

Jeff Hardy

wwe elite 71 - jeff hardy - close up

This might be the winner of the set. I like the various heads, which provide some facepaint options and the rag in the pocket.

Drew McIntyre

wwe elite 71 drew mcintyre - close up

Drew is another winner and the alternate head sculpt is terrific.

Kassius Ohno

wwe elite 71 kassius ohno - close up

While I hate his ring attire, this is going to make for a great Kings of Wrestling version of Chris Hero.


wwe elite 71 paige - close up

I’ve got a soft spot for Paige as she really helped kick off the Women’s Revolution and I dig this look for her.

The Big Show

wwe elite 71 big show - close up

Our lone Flashback isn’t a perfect Unholy Alliance version of Big Show, but it has the necessary head sculpt, which is all I wanted.

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Photo Credit: Mattel