The Boys – Get Some review S1 E3

Hughie gets a supe’s number, but not in the way you might think; Billy brings back another member of the band; a supe gets horn-y and Homelander unpacks a serious threat against The 7 in Get Some.

I kinda love the dynamic of The Boys. With rare exceptions, the super powered folks are the worst while to the rest of the world the guys opposing them are the villains. Get Some provided a further look at hero worship and addictions gone bad.

Hughie might have killed Translucent, but the cleanup proves just as messy. Only problem is Translucent’s invulnerable skin makes it hard to just bury him out of Homelander’s reach. Good thing Billy has an idea and the perfect use for Translucent’s parts.

First up it’s time to further reunite the old gang. Billy reconnects with his old not so BFF, Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso, Fast & Furious 6), who’s now working as a prison guard. MM is enjoying his “retirement” from supes-hunting and working as a rehabilitation officer at a youth facility, but is intrigued when Billy tells him they’ve killed Translucent.

the boys come get some - mother's milk, hughie, billy and frenchie

Despite the potential for a lawsuit without viable witnesses, all is good for Starlight. Her actions in stopping the date rape have boosted her numbers considerably and it’s time for an upgrade, specifically so others can see more of Starlight. Madelyn has her marketing team whip up some grand backstory and a more revealing costume.

The Boys is tackling some interesting discussion points about women and their bodies and how even other women can continue the objectification so long as it fits their purpose. The writers are doing a nice slow burn on Starlight reaching her breaking point of being a corporate hero, but for now being a member of The 7 is still a dream come true despite the crap she has to occasionally navigate. It’s an fascinating analogy for women in some toxic workplaces.

Starlight might have some relief though as she runs into Hughie and the two have a cute moment at the stadium. If anyone can help Hughie get over Robin it would be the angelic Starlight. Homelander is getting increasingly antsy about Translucent’s disappearance and has a quick team-up with Queen Maeve to talk about it and reminisce on their old relationship. Maeve is clearly uncomfortable taking this trip down memory lane.

the boys come get some - queen maeve and homelander


Billy and the gang decide to get more intel on The 7 and go with tracking the easiest mark A-Train, who’s stressing out about his pending race for the world’s fastest man title against Shockwave (Mishka Thebaud). Hughie is pissed that A-Train doesn’t recognize him despite his flimsy disguise as a cable repair guy. Maybe a little toe sucking action from his fellow supe Popclaw (Brittany Allen) can calm A-Train’s nerves? No dice, but another hit of Compound V will definitely get the job done.

It was hilariously fitting that the first time we see the use of Compound V is when a runner uses it for a race. A-Train easily wins after quickly catching a boost, but his post race interview sets Popclaw off on a Compound V rager of her own. In Popclaw’s case it frees up her already flexible inhibitions further and she literally blows the mind of her landlord during a kinky sex act.

the boys come get some - a-train

Hughie considers they’re accessories to a crime, but Billy is right in there was no way they could help the landlord. However, they can help Popclaw out of her mess provided she spill on Compound V. And good news for Homelander! The Deep found Translucent…in a box with a spray painted message — Coming for You. Homelander is ready for war. Are The Boys?

Come Get Some was another hyper violent affair, but the strong character work and engaging subplots still cover up the series’ knack for going overly bloody.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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