Check out the new trailer of Zinogre icing up Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Capcom revealed its latest video for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne feature the return of Zinogre. I haven’t played this series yet, but these trailers are starting to convince me that I’ve been missing out. For whatever reason I thought these were FPS games, which opens up a whole incentive for me to give it a shot.

Included in this new video is the thunder wolf wyvern, Zinogre, as well as the Elder Dragon Namielle, which dispenses powerful water-based attacks.

Zinogre is the latest monster added to the massive expansion’s roster, ready to challenge hunters with its electrifying attacks. Players will need to bring their Master Rank skills and use extreme caution when Zinogre activates its supercharged state in order to successfully take down this thunderous beast. 

Namielle is an all-new Elder Dragon who has the power to summon water at will and unleash high pressure attacks onto unsuspecting hunters. Players should proceed with caution and not underestimate the bright, multi-colored appearance of this second new Elder Dragon that’s been discovered in Iceborne. Hunters have a collection of new monsters and subspecies to look forward to when the massive expansion releases – and there are still more to be revealed!


You can actually play a beta version of the game now on PlayStation 4 through 11:59 p.m. PDT on Sept. 1.

Xbox One users you’re not getting left out as your trial period will be held from Monday Sept. 2 through Sept. 4. You also don’t have to have the Monster Hunter: World base game in order to play the Iceborne beta versions.

monster hunter world iceborne - Coral_Pukei-Pukei

Ahead of the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be available on both systems Sept. 6. You can pre-order on PlayStation 4 here and Xbox One here.

Photo Credit: Capcom