The Boys – Good for the Soul review S1 E5

Good for the Soul was easily the weakest episode so far from The Boys, but even a pedestrian episode of The Boys has enough enjoyable moments to make it worth watching. I’m a little bummed out that Usher’s Confessions wasn’t the main theme for this episode as everyone seemed to be dropping some major truth bombs.

A-Train gets things rolling by killing Popclaw after she confessed to spilling about Compound V to The Boys. Homelander approves. I’m not so approving of A-Train’s method of mourning — watching one of his sex tapes from a night with Popclaw. To each their own I guess?

Butcher’s subplot regarding his missing and possibly dead wife slowly keeps trudging along. This might be the one subplot that is getting a sizable amount of screen time without really accomplishing much.

Homelander is all over the place this episode and wants to be able to freeball his speech to really drive home the need for supes in the military. Madelyn wants him to stay on script as Homelander seems increasingly jealous/threatened with Madelyn’s son. At this point I half expect Homelander to be her much older son. We’ve seen crazier things, right?

I wouldn’t expect a show like The Boys to be able to navigate religion well at all. That made the scenes at Samaritan’s Embrace, a not so subtle riff on Samaritan’s Purse, hardly surprising.

I’m old enough to remember when LGTB characters were treated as bad in TV shows and movies as Christians are now. It’s weird how the same one-size fits all stereotypes applied to the LGTB community are slapped onto religion in general and Christianity in particular. We get it. All Christians are hypocritical monsters who hate “the gays.” Sigh.

In short, Hughie blackmails the very gay Ezekiel with outing him for condemning gays on his Christian pulpit to give up the location of Compound V.  Butcher and MM find a Compound V drop point and learn the secret of the supes — they’re being created, not by divine birth, but by Compound V. Kinda makes you wonder what the heck Butcher managed to accomplish before he met Hughie, doesn’t it? At least this time they escape through an ingenious solution of a baby with laser eyes. What would The Wolfpack have done with that kid? Bonus points if you get that reference.

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Queen Maeve came close to confessing what really happened with the hijacked plane to her ex-girlfriend while in a drunken state.

Annie does confess during her speech. The subplot with her mother basically being a wannabe beauty queen had some nuance, but The Boys’ writing does tend to get heavy handed at times. Annie’s speech seemed to mark a turning point for the character, but we’ve seen her compromise her morals and ideals enough that it’s a valid question to wonder if it will stick this time.

I wanted more out of Hughie’s confession to Annie. She probably would respond favorably to him telling her A-Train killed Robin and laughed it off. Annie seems ready to strike back out on her own anyway.

Homelander was already very much ill-adjusted that having him suckle on Madelyn’s teet/finger felt like overkill. He’s slightly deranged, power mad and has a god complex, but this scene made him come off weird, childlike and silly. That’s the one trait we haven’t been able to say about Homelander at this point. Now it’s down to Black Noir and Maeve to be the only rational and quirk-free members of The 7.

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A-Train and Black Noir’s Frenchie hunting mission has some measure of success. They’ve tracked down one of The Boys and Black Noir used his not-batarangs to slice up The Female leaving her for dead. But she is a supe too and her power is quick healing. Does that make her X-23 or Logan?

When The Female recovers from her wounds, I’m pretty sure I saw the fly again. Over the last few episodes I’ve sworn I’ve heard a fly sound effect and this third time was enough that I’m sure it’s no coincidence. Is this a supe checking to see if The Boys are trustworthy or Madelyn’s secret ace in the hole?

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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