The Boys – The Innocents review S1 E6

Butcher’s therapy session goes badly, MM and Frenchie get a hand in learning more of The Female’s identity, Homelander learns you can’t go home again and Starlight learns you don’t cross the boss. The Innocents was an eventful episode that leaned harder on the emotional side instead of outrageous violence for a change. It was a smart decision to mix the formula up.

Getting nowhere trying to communicate with The Female, Frenchie suggests he and MM get help from supe outcast Mesmer (Haley Joel Osment). I loved the meta joke that Mesmer was a former child star, who’s now a washed up has been on the comic convention circuit. By the way, Amazon Prime has the coolest feature in showing the cast members in specific scenes along with random trivia. It’s amazingly helpful in writing these up.

The Female still isn’t down with being touched, which is a problem since that’s how Mesmer learns everyone’s secrets. One broken wrist later and we learn Female’s name is actually Kumiko. She was kidnapped from her family and pumped with Compound V to be dropped in the US as a domestic terrorist to further Vought’s grand military scheme. All Kumiko wants is to return home to rescue her captive brother. For now, she’s going to stay behind and help The Boys stop The 7 and Vought.

That’s going to be a little harder since Butcher killed the deal with FBI Deputy Director Raynor (Jennifer Esposito). Butcher only wanted the deal if Homelander got charged, but that’s not happening since everyone is terrified of him.

This includes the production staff of a reality show featuring The 7. Homelander is relating his childhood stories of little league and model airplane kits — all lies — but there is some truth in the blanket neatly arranged on the bed. It was the only thing toddler Homelander had while he was observed in a lab. It’s possible Homelander was either Supe Alpha or a true superpowered individual Vought used to synthesize more supes. Antony Starr continues to be a major revelation here as he so easily switches between Americana hero to on the fringe nutjob.

Annie starts taking some aggressive moves and tells Madelyn she’s ditching the newer costume and isn’t getting fired from The 7 unless she wants Vought to get taken down by a sexual harassment case. Time for The Deep to take a long vacation and hiatus from the team after a silly video where he apologizes for thinking his encounter with Annie was consensual.


Understanding the game now, Annie dismisses Queen Maeve as being another manufactured hero by the marketing team instead of her inspiration to be a supe. Ouch. Maeve is dealing with her own personal drama as her ex, Elena (Nicola Correia-Damude), comes to her shoot to check on her.

Hughie gets dragged to a supe collateral damage group session with Butcher. There he hears some pretty horrific stories including Vought marketing writer Seth’s encounter with an ice hero. Yikes. Butcher goes into a rage and chews the group out for just accepting their fate instead of rising up against the supes. He goes more in depth telling Hughie later about how Homelander raped his wife. Butcher found a kindred spirit in Hughie and doesn’t want him losing that rage by getting into a relationship with Annie. To ensure they stay apart, Butcher interrupts Hughie and Annie’s date and randomly mentioning Translucent’s disappearance. Not cool, Billy.

the boys the innocents review - homelander

Also not cool is Mesmer ratting out The Boys to Homelander complete with photos of the guys in order to get back on the inside with Vought. This is not gonna be good for the gang. Hopefully Kumiko doesn’t have a limit on how often she can get killed. I liked the fake out here as it seemed like Mesmer was getting his affairs in order to kill himself, but he was just prepping in case Homelander went off and killed him.

The Innocents did a lot of setting the stage for the final two episodes as the home stretch closes in quickly. As a result a lot of what happened this episode will have greater repercussions later. The rest of the series has been fine to watch on a weekly basis viewing session while this one definitely benefits from quickly jumping to the next episode.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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