The Boys: You Found Me review – S1 E8

Wow. Homelander is a bastard. That could serve as the theme for this season, but it was especially true with this season finale. There’s a lot to break down with some major bombshells so no need for any more buildup, let’s get right to it.

As expected after last episode’s twist, the military needs the supes to fight the battles that they never could. Gold star for catching that reference. Homelander arrives in Tal Rifaat, Syria and wipes out presumably some terrorists. The military has just been rendered obsolete. It’s a big win for Madelyn and Vought. Her boss, Mr. Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito!), shows up basically telling Madelyn she’s about to get his job. Not that she can take all the credit for that though.

Homelander revealed he was the one who modified Compound V to work on adults and had A-Train ship it out worldwide to create the villains they will have to take down. The Boys tends to play against comic book cliches, but this was a pretty solid villain monologue. Madelyn seems rattled, but expresses her gratitude with an office hookup. For the full 30 seconds it lasted. Homelander’s super endurance doesn’t carry over on every level apparently.

Hughie rolls with Butcher to meet Mallory (Laila Robins). It’s not the warmest meeting and Mallory doesn’t want anything else to do with Butcher after she suggests Homelander’s sole weakness is Madelyn. That could come in handy soon.

A-Train was hobbled up on crutches after his encounter with Kumiko and had to deal with some not so subtle racial profiling at a clothing store. Next season I’d love for the writers to explore more of that side to A-Train’s character as the out front black member of The 7 and if he feels any level of responsibility on that front.

MM, Frenchie and Kumiko get nabbed by some feds. To make good with Vought, Raynor had to make a few deals including signing off on The Boys being fugitives. Despite recognizing his crew is caught, Butcher wants to go after Madelyn. Hughie is starting to second guess Butcher and wants to try anything to rescue the guys.

the boys you found me review - mallory, butcher and hughie

That means making good with Annie. Well, not so much making good. Hughie is in the complete unwinnable position here so an apology would be a waste of time for anyone. He does try to appeal to Annie that she’s a hero. I liked that it didn’t resonate with Annie until she talked with Queen Maeve, who said she used to be idealistic and hopeful just like Annie. Maeve is such an interesting character and like A-Train, I’m really curious to see where the writers take her next season.

The Deep remains isolated in Ohio and not even the supe’s emergence in the military is getting him out of exile. And he decides to shave all his hair off because he’s got nothing else to do. He’s being played for laughs now, but he’s just kinda pathetic. BTW, the nudity warning for this show has been without exception dude tail.

Hughie does manage to stumble his way into rescuing the rest of the guys thanks to a secret retainer he hid. We haven’t gotten enough scenes with Hughie, MM and Frenchie. Typically, Butcher has taken him away from the others so it was fun seeing them together. MM frees Kumiko, but they’re cornered and out of options until Starlight arrives in classic vintage supes outfit. It was definitely cool seeing Starlight saving The Boys. This was a well-earned moment for her as she accepts that she is a non-compromising hero.

Before the rescue is a full success, they’ve gotta get past A-Train. Doped up on more Compound V, A-Train is able to navigate through Starlight’s energy blasts, but the strain of the doping gives him a heart attack. The smart thing for Hughie to do would probably be to let him die, but he won’t, which probably helps him out further in the long run with Annie than the threat of an adversary.

Now it’s time for the payoff. The season needed a strong final act and this one delivered and then some. Madelyn goes home to find Butcher waiting on her. He didn’t kill her son and only wants her to call Homelander…after Butcher straps explosives all around her. Homelander isn’t too worried, which is bad news for Billy. He casually blows off his hook up with Becca somewhat confirming my suspicions that he never raped her. Did Mallory manipulate Butcher into thinking she’d been raped when it was actually consensual? Sure seems that way. Homelander’s actually impressed Butcher isn’t afraid of him — too bad he’s the only one.


Madelyn has a little secret. She withheld some information back going against their whole no more secrets agreement. Homelander has a conversation with Madelyn we can’t hear, gives her a kiss and proceeds to laser blast through her eye sockets. It’s easily the most brutal and shocking death of the season by far. So what’s your next plan Billy? He’s still fine detonating the explosives and dying in a blaze of glory.

Killing Butcher would have been too easy. The cruelest thing Homelander could have done was give him a ringside seat to what happens next. They’re in the front yard of a well maintained house where a blonde kid who looks to be about 8-year-old is playing. Homelander greets him and his mother…Becca, who seems shocked to see Butcher and Homelander. Homelander smiles and tells the boy he’s his father just as the kid’s eyes light up. And all Homelander can do is watch this impromptu family reunion play out. Geesh, what a killer ending to this season.

The Boys has gone against the grain of what we’ve come to expect from a comic book series that this very comic book twist makes everything that’s come before it so much more effective. And this season was another point for the lower episode count camp. In eight episodes The Boys told a better story than anything from the Arrowverse last season. There’s so many subplots to unfold here – The Boys on the run, Butcher learning the truth about Becca, Madelyn’s replacement and the rise of (terrorist) super villains. Plus, piano man Black Noir!

Now how soon before the second season arrives?

Rating: 10 out of 10

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