Space Bandits #3 review

Space Bandits is another all-fun, no limits version of the craziest revenge comic to come along in a long time. Cody and Thena go gunning for two more of Cody’s ex-partners this issue.

What makes Space Bandits more than just a quick hit revenge book is how writer Mark Millar commits enough page real estate space in building up the bad guys. We already know from the first issue these guys have it coming, but since scoring off of Cody’s payday, they’ve become even bigger jerks.

It almost seems counter intuitive to quickly develop disposable characters, but Millar does an excellent job of making Cody’s old crew come off as loathsome and reprehensible characters that deserve to get taken out. Both of the targets this issue are easy to hate characters and score high on the bastards who would make the world a better place once they’re no longer in it.

One of the best aspects of the book is how Millar plays the strengths of his characters with Cody the highly skilled strategist and Thena as the hammer capable of taking out any threat.

space bandits #3

Millar establishes a strong pace without feeling like he’s rushing through the story. While Cody doesn’t have a lot of names on her hit list left, Thena still has to settle her score with her ex-boyfriend. Still, to some extent, I wouldn’t mind if Millar just announced this was going to be an ongoing series so he could build up the suspense a bit between kills and further strengthen the bond of his two leads.

The script doesn’t fall all over itself pointing the relevant theme of women getting payback on the men who wronged them, which makes it come across more confident and less pandering.


Matteo Scalera’s artwork really has this 80s-pop fused aesthetics vibe down. Space Bandits doesn’t look like any other comic and provides a fresh visual that works very well for this title thanks to Scalera’s choice of perspectives and layouts. Marcelo Maiolo’s colors definitely add to that pop feel as well. It feels like the kind of edgier comic that would have come out in 1984.

Like most of Millar’s new titles, it’s easy to envision how this would play out as a TV series or a film. Space Bandits might not be the most budget-friendly offering, but it would make for a timely and killer hit show.

Photo Credit: Image Comics